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20 different Previews of the Subway Series

Boy have I MISSED baseball

We have reached the SECOND half of the baseball season and the New York Yankees begin their STRETCH run towards winning their TWENTY EIGHTH World Series ring. The Bombers will start RESTART their season in the Bronx tonight against Cross-Town RIVALS, the New York Mets, who are AMONG the WORST teams in baseball.

The Yankees reached the All Star break by SPLITTING the series with the Cleveland Indians, who are a FIRST place team. All FOUR games of the series were close and there is a POSSIBILITY that these two teams play in the Postseason, so that series is going to HELP the Yankees going into the SECOND half of the season.

The All Star game took place over the week and the Yankees’ stars were SHINING in Washington DC as the American League continued to DOMINATE the National League.

Yankees- Indians Series Recap-

Game 1- The FIRST game of this series was one of the BEST pitching match ups this season when Corey Kluber vs Luis Severino, who are contenders for the AL Cy Young. BOTH pitchers struggled in the game, but they showed why they are ACES by not giving up that many runs. The Indians Bullpen has been TRASH all season, so the Yankees goal was to have a TIE game going into the Bullpen, but Aaron Hicks knocked Kluber out of the game.

The Yankees pulled away in the NINTH inning and they went on to WIN their FOURTH game of the season against the Indians with a 7-4 FINAL score.

Game 2- The second game of the series was a BLUR for me as they Yankees fell down EARLY in the game behind Domingo German, who had been really GOOD lately but he was NOT great last Friday. The game got closer towards the END, but the Yankees NEVER got that BIG hit and LOST the game 6-5, but they had the PERFECT pitcher on the mound on Saturday Night.

Game 3- CC Sabathia has been the BEST pitcher in baseball every time he pitches AFTER a Yankees LOSS and that trend CONTINUED against the Indians. CC was NOT great but he kept the game CLOSE and eventually with the help of the Indians’ DEFENSE, Austin Romine continued to be GREAT in replacement of Gary Sanchez.

Cleveland has been a house of HORRORS for Aroldis Chapman (see 2016 World Series), but he got the save on Saturday night after a week OFF and the Yankees had GUARANTEED a SPLIT against the Indians.

Game 4- The Yankees jumped out to an EARLY lead in their LAST game before the All Star break, but the offense SHUT DOWN after the FOURTH and the Indians were able to CHIP AWAY from the lead and WIN the game 5-2, to SPLIT the series.

EVERYBODY on the Yankees except Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres, Luis Severino AND Aroldis Chapman had the week OFF, but for those guys they had to HOP on a plane to Washington DC. The Yankees had FOUR players in the All Star Game, but only TWO of them were going to play (Judge and Sevy). Judge was the ONLY Yankee starter on the AL team and in his FIRST At-Bat of the game, he showed why he is the FACE of Baseball.

The AL had the EARLY lead thanks to Judge and we saw Sevy in the SECOND inning right after Judge so the Yankees were SHINING early in the game. Sevy had a SHUT OUT inning and Judge got On Base AGAIN in the game before he was taken OUT of the game. The American League went on to WIN the game 8-6, but the Yankee All Stars were LONG gone by the TENTH inning.

The WHOLE team has made it to the Bronx to start the SECOND half of the season and make a PUSH for the AL East crown and try winning their TWENTY EIGHTH World Series.

With the SPLIT against the Indians, the Yankees now have a WINNING record against ALL teams that are in FIRST place in the American League, but they are TERRIBLE against LAST place teams, but they have a chance to CHANGE that this weekend against the Mets.

The Yankees were a MIDDLE of the road team last season before they played the Mets in the Subway Series which JUMPSTARTED their season and PROPELLED them to the SEVENTH game of the ALCS. The Mets have lined up their A guys for this weekend, but the Yankees will also be IMPROVED as Gary Sanchez has RETURNED to the BIG league squad and Gleyber Torres should be ACTIVATED over the next couple of days, so this can be a GREAT series for the Yankees against the TRASHY Mets.

Subway Series Pitching Matchups:

Game 1: Tonight- Domingo German vs Noah Syndergaard

Game 2: Saturday Afternoon- Sonny Gray vs Steven Matz

Game 3: Sunday Night- Masahiro Tanaka vs Jacob deGrom



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