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25 Different Ways To Look At The Yankees at the All Star Break

I really MISS baseball

The Major League Baseball season has reached the MIDWAY point of the season and tonight is the LAST night till October that we will NOT have baseball. The New York Yankees, the ONLY baseball team I care about ended the FIRST half of the season as one of the BEST teams in baseball, but they have SOME work TO DO if they want to win their TWENTY EIGHTH World Series championship.

The Bronx Bombers finished the FIRST half of the season at 62-33, which is the SECOND best record in baseball, BUT they are FIVE games behind the Boston Red Sox in the AL East. The Yankees and the Red Sox are a LOCK to make the Postseason, but one of those teams MIGHT be in the Postseason for only THREE hours, which is what the Yankees have to AVOID.

The Yankees have the BEST offense in baseball, but their pitching staff needs to IMPROVE if they want to AVOID being in the Wild Card game on the FIRST day of the Postseason. There has been a TON of RUMORS surrounding a trade to IMPROVE the pitching staff but none of the rumors have gained TRACTION, but we are still TWELVE days away from the Trade Deadline, so ANYTHING can happen because #InCashmanWeTrust.

Some of the players that have been RUMORED for the Yankees are TOP of the market pitchers like Jacob DeGrom or Madison Baumgarner and also some LOWER level pitchers like Blake Snell. I would be SHOCKED if they GAVE UP their farm system for a TOP pitcher but instead they are going to be creative and get a pitcher that is CHEAP, who does NOT put them OVER the Salary Tax Threshold.

They were in a SIMILAR situation last season, when they acquired Sonny Gray from the Oakland A’s, EVERYONE thought that he was the FINAL piece for the Yankees in their PURSUIT of a championship, but he has been TRASH thus far this season. For that reason I am AGAINST any BIG trades for the Yankees that is going to HARM the GREAT farm system that they have. There is a TON of expectations for the Yankees this season, but if they get ANOTHER big player than the expectations are going to be UNBEARABLE for the rest of the season.

I have BIG expectations for the Yankees this season on BOTH sides of the diamond 1 & 2 , but they need to do some work to achieve them. They return to the Ballpark tomorrow night in the Bronx against the LOWLY Mets, so it is a PERFECT time for them to JUMPSTART their season and ROLL for the next TWO months.




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