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13 Predictions that I made that are probably WRONG

I am NOT a smart person

The baseball season has reached its HALFWAY point so it the DREADED time of looking at the predictions I made in the PRESEASON and how WRONG I was. I made THIRTEEN predictions going into the season but things are NOT looking great for us going into the SECOND half of the season, so I am going to REVISE some picks. The #AviMehtaCurse is UNDEFEATED so we will see who is going to be DOOMED for the rest of the season.

American League Playoff teams- Houston Astros, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, and Los Angeles Anaheim of Angels

The American League is BY FAR the better league and the THREE best teams in baseball reside in the AL. The Oakland Athletics have the SIXTH best record in baseball but if the season ENDED today they would NOT make the Postseason. I would be SHOCKED if the World Series champion does NOT come from the American League. I thought that the American League was the BETTER league but things have CHANGED a BIT in the AL so here is the look at the standings at the All Star Break.

CURRENT AL Playoff teams- Red Sox, Astros, Indians, Yankees, and Seattle Mariners

The THREE best teams in the AL (Red Sox, Yankees, and Astros) are the ONLY great teams in the MLB and even though the Yankees have the SECOND best record in baseball, their Postseason has a chance to END in THREE hours. The Astros and the Indians are RUNNING AWAY with their division, so the ONLY race to watch down the stretch in the AL is the East between the Red Sox and the Yankees, but they are BOTH going to make the Postseason so it does not have the same juice that we have in the National League. I have REVISED my prediction for the FIVE teams that will make the Postseason in the American League so the #AviMehtaCurse can strike on them.

REVISED Prediction- Red Sox, Astros, Indians, Yankees, and Mariners

Now let us take a look on the National League, which has some TRASH teams at the TOP of the Leaderboard.

National League playoff teams- Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Nationals, New York Mets, and Milwaukee Brewers

The Cubs currently have the BEST record in the National League but they have looked like TRASH at times this season. They need some help IMPROVING their roster so they are going to be A LOT better after the All Star Break and I expect them to RUN AWAY with the National League Central but they will NOT be the BEST team in the league, but here is a FULL look at the NL Standings.

CURRENT NL Playoff teams- Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, Dodgers, Brewers, and Atlanta Braves

The Phillies and Braves have been SURPRISE teams but they are REALLY YOUNG, so I expect them to TAIL OFF in the SECOND Half. Missing out on Manny Machado is going to HARM the Phillies but the FUTURE is BRIGHT for them and ALL signs are pointing towards them signing him in the offseason.

I was WRONG on the Nationals but they are going to get their GROOVE back after HOSTING the All Star Game this week and they will MAKE the Playoffs in the LAST season of Bryce Harper. I have made A LOT of REVISIONS to my NL predictions so here they are…

REVISED Prediction- Dodgers, Cubs, Nationals, Brewers and Braves

The Dodgers made a HUGE move last night by acquiring Machado and he is going to help them get to the BEST record in the National League and be a GREAT team in the Postseason. The Dodgers made the World Series last season but some of the DEFICIENCIES on their roster are going to HARM them in the Postseason.

AND now we move on to the World Series

World Series Pick- Nationals over Indians

The Nationals and the Indians have NOT looked great this season, and I do NOT expect them to make the World Series this season, so BOTH my picks are REVISED for the World Series.

REVISED Prediction- Red Sox over Cubs

There is NO explanation for this pick other than #AviMehtaCurse if you know what I mean.


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