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Yankees 4th of July Week Series Preview- Braves

Narratives CONTINUE to be TRUE

The New York Yankees took on their division RIVALS, the Boston Red Sox this weekend in the Bronx and DOMINATED the Red Sox for the SECOND series in a row. This weekend was the THIRD time, these two teams faced off for a THREE game series and the Yankees have won BOTH series played at home. These two teams have the BEST record in baseball so the great EQUALIZER between the teams is the Head to Head games and the Yankees have the ONE game ADVANTAGE right now.

After taking care of the Red Sox, the Yankees will continue their Homestand this week against the Atlanta Braves before going on the Road. With MOST of the country not working this week, the Yankees have a chance to get on a ROLL and gain some SEPARATION from the Red Sox in the AL East standings.

Yankees- Red Sox Series Review-

Game 1- This weekend was the LATEST time in a season, that these two RIVALS had the best in baseball in the LONG history of the Yankees- Red Sox RIVALRY. The Yankees had LOST the last game of the series against the Phillies LAST Wednesday and had CC Sabathia to pitch the FIRST game of this series on Friday Night. CC has bean the BEST pitcher in baseball FOLLOWING a Yankees LOSS, so things had lined up for the Yankees.

The Yankees got going against the Red Sox and had a 2-0 lead in the FOURTH inning before Miggy Andujar continued to RAKE Extra Base-Hits. Miggy LEADS all rookies in Extra-Base Hits and that continued on Friday Night.

Greg Bird has been TRASH all season and the Yankees had PREPARED to replace him at First Base by calling up Brandon Drury, who was the BEST player in the Minor Leagues, PRIOR to the game on Friday Night. The presence of Drury in the dugout INSPIRED Greg Bird to have the BEST game of the season, hitting TWO home runs and the Yankees COASTED to a 8-1 WIN as CC continued to DOMINATE in games following a Yankee LOSS.

Game 2- There were a TON of narratives for BOTH teams going into the weekend and NONE of them changed. For the Yankees, the narrative of CC being GREAT following a Yankees LOSS continued on Friday Night and ANOTHER narrative continued on Saturday Night. Sonny Gray has been the WORST pitcher in baseball at Yankee Stadium, and UNFORTUNATELY for the Yankees that CONTINUED this weekend. He gave a GRAND SLAM in the FIRST inning and with the Red Sox ACE on the mound, this game was basically OVER in the TOP of the FIRST inning. The Final score of the game was 11-0, and we were lined up for a RUBBER game on Sunday Night Baseball.

Game 3- David Price is among the HIGHEST paid players in baseball, but he has been TRASH against the Yankees throughout his career. When you are on the Red Sox, the most IMPORTANT part of your job is to BEAT the Yankees, and Price has NEVER done that, which has to cause NIGHTMARES to the Red Sox front office as he is under contract for FIVE more years.

Aaron Judge has been the BEST player for the Yankees all season and he started the MURDER of Price last night in the FIRST inning with a Home Run into Monument Park. The Yankees were NOT done in the FIRST inning and they had the BEST rookie in baseball, Gleyber Torres at the plate with TWO runners on base and Torres got his FIRST signature moment in the Yankees- Red Sox RIVALRY.

The Red Sox were DEJECTED following the Torres Home Run and went on to have the WORST start of his career, which is PAR for the course for him, EVERY time he faces the Yankees.

Aaron Hicks, like Bird, is a player that has STRUGGLED at times this season, but he had the BEST game of his career last night by having a THREE Home Run game, which was the FIRST for the Yankees since Alex Rodriguez had one in 2015. Though 2015 may NOT seem like that it is too far away, A-Rod was one of the announcers for the game last night on ESPN so it had been a WHILE for the Yankees.

The Yankees got a TON of offense last night but it was NOT necessary as they had the BEST pitcher in baseball, Luis Severino on the mound. Sevy DOMINATED the Red Sox into the SEVENTH inning and lowered his ERA to the BEST in the AL. He leads the American League in WINS (13) and ERA (1.98), so it is time to have to conversation that Sevy is in contention to pitch a TRIPLE CROWN this season.

After the Red Sox scored ELEVEN runs on Saturday Night, the Yankees followed it up with ELEVEN of their own last night to take the RUBBER game of the series. The TWO teams are now TIED in the AL East standings, DESPITE the Yankees having played THREE less game than the Red Sox.

The ONLY criticism for the Yankees ALL season has been that they are TOO reliant on Home Runs, but they are on PACE to SHATTER the All Time Home Runs in a season record, so I am not worried that much just YET.

This series went EXACTLY the way most people thought it would and if these two teams continue to have the BEST records in baseball, than there is a HIGH chance that they will meet in the Postseason and the Yankees have the CLEAR advantage in that series. The Red Sox might win with Chris Sale on the mound, but the Yankees will DOMINATE the remaining games in the series.

After taking on a RIVAL that was at its PEAK in the 2000s, the Yankees are taking on a RIVAL that was its PEAK in the 1990s, the Atlanta Braves. The Yankees and the Braves were the BEST teams in baseball during the 1990s but one team has CONTINUED to be GREAT since then while the other has been TRASH at times.

The Braves come in having the BEST record in the National League, so this is TECHNICALLY a match up between the teams that have the BEST record in their RESPECTIVE leagues and a POSSIBLE preview of the World Series.

Yankees- Braves Pitching Match Ups:

Game 1: Tonight- Anibal Sanchez vs Johnny Lasagna

Game 2: Tuesday Night- Sean Newcomb vs Domingo German

Game 3: Wednesday Afternoon- Julio Teheran vs CC Sabathia

The opponent strength for the Yankees, WEAKENS massively starting next weekend so this is the LAST big test for the Yankees before going into the All Star break.




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