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Yankees Series Preview-Phillies

Everybody just stay CALM, we are going to be FINE

The New York Yankees were in Tampa Bay this weekend to take on the Devil Rays and it was a NIGHTMARE. The Yankees got SWEPT for the first time this season and it was a House of HORRORS for them throughout the weekend. LUCKILY for them, they still have the BEST record in baseball so despite having their WORST series of the season, they can bounce back EASILY. The Yankees headed north to Philadelphia and will take on the Phillies this week before returning home and taking on the Boston Red Sox this weekend. This weekend was one that the Yankees want to FORGET, but if they have fixed themselves on the plane ride to Philadelphia then everything is FINE.

Yankees- Devil Rays Series Recap-

Game 1- The Yankees had CC Sabathia lined up to pitch the game on Friday night and he did ENOUGH to keep the Yankees in the mix. He gave up TWO runs, only one of them was Earned in FIVE and a Third innings and with the Yankees having the BEST record in baseball, I was CONFIDENT that they would come back and WIN the game, but they did NOT. The Yankees managed to score only ONE run, leaving a LOT of runners on base and LOST the game 2-1.

The Yankees are a Home Run driven team so they are going to have some BAD games and Friday night looked like one of those games, so I was NOT really looking for the Panic Button just yet.

Game 2- Sonny Gray has been GREAT on the road over the last COUPLE of weeks and he was the Yankee starter on Saturday, but he was TERRIBLE. Gray gave up FOUR runs in SIX and Two-Thirds innings and probably should gave given up more, but AGAIN, with the Yankees having the BEST offense in baseball, they should be able to do SOMETHING against the LOWLY Devil Rays, but AGAIN they did NOT. The Yankees got SHUT OUT for only the SECOND time this season and the offense looked LOST. They had scored ONE run in the last 26 innings going back to Thursday and EVERYONE was looking for the PANIC button including me.

Game 3- Domingo German took the mound for the Yankees yesterday after pitching like an ACE in his last start, but he was TERRIBLE yesterday. He gave up SIX runs in THREE innings and with how the offense had been doing over the past TWO days, a SWEEP was basically GUARANTEED.

Surprisingly, the Yankee offense WOKE UP thanks to a THREE run Home Run by Miguel Andujar, who leads ALL rookie in Extra Base Hits and has been a GREAT player for the Yankees. The Bombers came all the way BACK to TIE the game at SIX on Giancarlo Stanton Home Run and we were going to EXTRA Innings in the LAST game of the series.

The Yankee Bullpen had given up NO runs in the entire series going into the TWELFTH inning yesterday and that is when manager Aaron Boone made a really QUESTIONABLE decision that came back and HURT him BIG time. Instead of going with his closer to pitch an inning, he went to the WORST pitcher in the bullpen, Chasen Shreve and he gave up a WALK OFF Home Run on the FIRST pitch and the Yankees were SWEPT by the Devil Rays.

Overall, the Yankees want to FORGET this weekend and start a NEW Hot Streak this week. The offense is HEAVILY reliant on Home Runs and that is NOT good for the Yankees going into the LATTER parts of the season. They need to manufacture some runs or else they will be DISAPPOINTED with their performance in the Postseason.

The Yankee Bullpen has been the team’s STRONG SUIT throughout the season and that CONTINUED this weekend against the Devil Rays. OUTSIDE of Chasen Shreve, the Yankee bullpen did NOT give up a run the whole weekend, but that has been the case for a LONG time…

The Yankees have PLENTY of arms in the Bullpen, so it is really ODD that they CONTINUE to go with Shreve in HIGH pressure situations and it FINALLY hurt them last season. The Yankees HAVE TO do something to fix this and I would not be shocked if he is sent DOWN to the Minors later today.

The Bombers take on the Phillies this week, who are a GOOD team and in the HUNT for the Playoffs. This is the REMATCH of the last time the Yankees WON the World Series back in 2009 and despite their being only a HANDFUL of players remaining from that year on the TWO teams, the emotions will be HIGH for BOTH sides this week.

Yankees- Phillies Pitching Match Ups:

Game 1: Tonight- Johnny Lasagna vs Vince Velazquez

Game 2: Tuesday Night- Luis Severino vs Jake Arrieta

Game 3: Wednesday Night- Luis Cessa vs Zach Eflin

The Yankees still have the BEST record in baseball, so there is no need to PANIC just yet but if their STRUGGLES continue in Philadelphia then I will be PRESSING the PANIC button before the Red Sox come to town this weekend.



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