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I am SOLD on the Knicks’ draft picks

This is one of those days when I am OPTIMISTIC about the Knickerbockers

I am not a BIG College Basketball but I LOVE these picks for the New York Knickerbockers, which means they are going to be TRASH. I HATED the Kristaps Porzingis pick and he turned out to be GREAT before he TORE his ACL.

I am all in on the New York Knox and Mitchy Buckets, they are probably going to be TRASH like the rest of the Knicks but I have NOTHING else to look forward to then another MEDIOCRE NBA season and maybe Kyrie Irving will sign with the Knicks next summer.

They are cleaning up some CAP SPACE to sign BIG Free Agents but NOBODY wants to play in the PRESSURE of New York City so I am FULLY sure that the Rookies that they drafted last night are going to STRUGGLE in New York and that is going to HURT their careers.

The Knicks were going to be TRASH next season anyway while Porzingis gets healthy, but MAYBE they are building a really nice CORE for when KP is healthy and they are able to ATTRACT some free agents to play along with Porzingis and Knox among others.

As ALWAYS the Knicks are DEAD for next season and until they are able to sign a BIG free agent they will CONTINUE to be dead because they are TERRIBLE in the draft.


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