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Yankees Weekend Series Preview- Orioles

Looking for the PANIC button might have been a little PREMATURE

The New York Yankees are an ENIGMA, after LOSING the series against the Texas Rangers, they took TWO out of three from the LA Angels and now they took TWO out of three from the DEFENDING World Series Champs, the Houston Astros. BOTH the Angels and the Astros are going to make the Playoffs this season, but the Rangers are one of the WORST teams in baseball, so that is a little ODD. The Yankees took a WIN from the Jaws of DEFEAT on Tuesday Night to WIN their next two games, as their schedule EASES up over the next TWO weeks, the Yankees should be ROLLING starting tonight in Baltimore.

Yankees- Astros Series Recap-

Game 1- Justin Verlander has been the BEST pitcher in baseball since he came to the Astros last July. He SHUT down the Yankees in the ALCS last season and has DOMINATED them in the TWO games he pitched this season. The Yankees were able to SURVIVE Verlander the first time around and WIN against the Astros bullpen in Houston, but on Monday afternoon, Domingo German did NOT have a good start and the Yankees lost to Justin Verlander once AGAIN.

Game 2- Charlie Morton is ANOTHER pitcher that REVIVED his career after coming to the Astros, makes you wonder if something FISHY is going on in that Pitching Staff in Houston but the Yankees got to Morton this time around and scored THREE runs against him. CC Sabathia continued to be TRASH over the last FEW weeks and the Yankees were LOSING 5-3 going into the Bottom of the NINTH.

Yankees had made FIVE errors in the game and they had NO business winning the game, but Brett Gardner did NOT want to go home just yet.

Gleyber Torres made TWO of the FIVE errors, he was just LAZY in the field on Tuesday Night, but he made up for it by driving in the WINNING Run in the TENTH inning to give the Yankees a 6-5 WIN.

Game 3- Dallas Keuchel has given the Yankees NIGHTMARES for YEARS but since Game FIVE of the ALCS last season, the Yankees have HAMMERED him. They hit him HARD again last night and the Yankees CRUISED to a 5-3 win after Luis Severino continued to PROVE that is among the BEST pitchers in baseball. Sevy has been the BEST pitcher on the staff and done a GREAT job in EATING up innings to give the Bullpen some REST during his starts. If SEVY continues to DOMINATE, the Yankees are going to end the season on a SPECIAL note.

Taking FIVE out of SEVEN games against the World Series Champs is IMPRESSIVE and that is what the Yankees have done this season. BOTH the Yankees and the Astros are going to make the Playoffs this season and if they face each other, the Regular Season will help the Yankees get some CONFIDENCE in that series.

The WIN on Tuesday Night was much needed, the Yankees had looked TERRIBLE for the WHOLE week before Gardy’s home run and the way they were playing defense in that game, it would not have SHOCKED me if that game would have sent the Yankees into a TAILSPIN, but they won their next TWO games so all is WELL in Yankeeland as they take on the WORST team in baseball this weekend.

The Yankees are in Baltimore to take on the Orioles tonight who have the SECOND WORST record in baseball, but IRONICALLY they are the ONLY team in the AL East that has a WINNING record over the Yankees this season. The O’s took THREE out of FOUR against the Yankees in the Bronx during the FIRST week of the season, but the Yankees are a DIFFERENT team since then as MANY of their star players like Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar and Greg Bird were in the Minors or the DISABLED List.

The weather is going to be NASTY all weekend in Baltimore so expect some Rain-Outs, but if they are able to play some baseball at Camden Yards, the Yankees SHOULD be able to DOMINATE the Orioles and the ball will be flying onto Eutaw Street.

Yankees- Orioles Pitching Match Ups-

Game 1: Tonight- Sonny Gray vs Andrew Cashner

Game 2: Friday Night- Masahiro Tanaka vs Kevin Gausman

Game 3: Saturday LATE Afternoon- Domingo German vs Alex Cobb

Game 4: Sunday Afternoon- CC Sabathia vs Dylan Bundy

The Yankees have the BETTER pitcher in ALL games this weekend and the Orioles offense is TRASH so the Yankee Pitching Staff will be able to get off their WEAK stretch this weekend before they head to Detroit to take on the Tigers, who are ALSO a LAST place team for TWO games on Monday.



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