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Yankees Weekend Series Preview- Angels

FRANTICALLY looking for the PANIC button?

The Yankees are among the BEST teams in baseball, but most fans think that the Yankees’ season is OVER and are PANICKING. They LOST their first series since the MIDDLE of April to the Texas Rangers and the game on Wednesday Night was the tipping point for some Yankee fans. It is RARE to see a team LOSE a game despite scoring TEN runs and that was the case for the Yankees on Wednesday Night. The Yankees have ended their ROAD trip and play the next SIX games at HOME against PROBABLE playoff teams before heading back on the road against TRASH teams. According to Yankee fans, this season will be over if they lose some games over the next week, so these games are MUST WIN for the Yankees, despite having the BEST winning percentage in ALL of baseball.

Yankees- Rangers Series Recap-

Game 1- The Yankees’ bats came out FIRING in Texas and the ball jumped off the ball. Gleyber Torres had his FIRST Multi Home Run game of his career and that was just the BEGINNING for him. Masahiro Tanaka did NOT have a great start but he was able to keep the Rangers’ bats quite enough to allow the Yankees to come back. The Yankees hit FIVE Home Runs for the FOURTH straight game, which is a Major League Baseball record and the Yankees won the game 10-5.

Game 2- Rookie pitcher Domingo German had a BAD start and the Yankees fell down EARLY in the game. Torres hit ANOTHER Home Run on Tuesday Night, but the Yankees could not catch up and lost the game 6-4.

Game 3- Didi Gregorius in the WORST slump of his career, but he hit a TWO run Home Run in the FIRST inning and the Yankees had a 4-0 lead after the THIRD inning. CC Sabathia had a TRASH start and gave up FIVE runs in the FOURTH inning, but the Yankees SIX runs in the FIFTH to retake the lead. Torres continued his HOT streak with a THREE run Home Run and Aaron Judge hit one of the LONGEST Home Runs of the season in the Fifth, but the Yankees pitching staff was TRASH and gave up the lead again. The Rangers added on to their lead to win the game 12-10.

The Yankees’ Pitching Staff was NOT good this week and they need to get their act together this weekend. The Yankee Bullpen will get better with the addition of Tommy Kahnle tonight and that should help to take some pressure off David Robertson and Chad Green, who have been TRASH lately.

The Yankee offense is going to be in a PREDICAMENT tomorrow when First Baseman Greg Bird is going to come off the DL for the FIRST time this season. Tyler Austin, who has been playing in place of Bird, leads ALL rookies in Home Runs this season and Neil Walker is the other First Baseman, who has been playing well lately. REALISTICALLY, the Yankees should carry only TWO First Basemen on the roster, so it will be interesting to see what they do. I think that they might carry one LESS pitcher to make room for Bird, who will make the offense even BETTER.

The Yankees take on the Los Angeles Angels this weekend, who are probably going to make the Playoffs this season so it is a BIG Litmus test for BOTH teams. The Yankees should have the EDGE this weekend, but if the Pitching Staff continues to STRUGGLE, then all HELL can break lose.

Yankees- Angels Pitching Match Ups-

Game 1: Tonight- Andrew Heaney vs Luis Severino

Game 2: Saturday Night- TBD vs Sonny Gray

Game 3: Sunday Night- Garrett Richards vs Masahiro Tanaka

The Yankees on paper have the better rotation, but the way the games have been going over the last week, the Yankees might be in TROUBLE if the starters do not go LONG into the games.

Most Yankee fans are PANICKING right now, I am not at that point right now, but if they continue to STRUGGLE over this Home Stand then I might start looking for the PANIC Button. The Yankees are still the BEST team in baseball, some fans seem to FORGET that.



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