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Yankees Series Preview- Texas Rangers

Baseball is FUN when the Yankees have NO competition

After almost a WEEK of from baseball activity, the Yankees returned to the baseball diamond this weekend in Kansas City against the Royals. The Yankees took TWO out of three to win their EIGHT series in a row, the LAST time the Yankees won EIGHT series in a row was back in 1998, which is considered as the BEST baseball team of ALL TIME by many Experts. The ONLY thing that is hurting the Yankees right now is that despite them being on a TEAR, they are TIED for the lead in the AL East with the Boston Red Sox. The two teams have MATCHED wins and losses and the Yankees need to get some separation from the Red Sox. The Yankees are in Arlington, TX this week to take on the Texas Rangers, who are among the WORST teams in baseball so the Yankees should ROLL this week before returning HOME this weekend.

Yankees- Royals Series Recap-

Game 1- The Royals are really BAD but the RUST on the Yankees not playing a FULL game for more than FIVE days. The Yankee offense did not score a run till the SIXTH inning and the Royals scored some runs off CC Sabathia to win the game 6-2. Gleyber Torres made some BIG errors in the field, which resulted in the Royals scoring TWO runs directly, but he made up for it later in the week.

Game 2- Aaron Hicks had been TRASH to start the season but after Clint Frazier was called up to the Majors, Hicks has been on FIRE. He had an Inside the Park Home Run on Saturday night, which was his SECOND Inside the Park Home Run in the season. Luis Severino has been the BEST pitcher on the staff all season and outside of one BAD inning, he was phenomenal on Saturday. Torres had a HORRIBLE game on Friday Night, but he made sure that the fans did not turn on him on Saturday night. He hit a THREE run home run and that was just ONE of the FIVE home runs hit by the Yankees in the game.

The Yankees rolled to win 8-3 powered by FIVE home runs and they went into Sunday looking to win their EIGHTH series in a row, with their WORST pitcher, Sonny Gray on the mound.

Game 3- Sonny Gray has not had a GREAT start to the season and he was TRASH in his last start, but he recovered great yesterday. He gave up NO runs in eight innings and was DOMINATING the game. The Yankees had FIVE home runs in a game again, so Sonny Gray ROLLED to win his THIRD game of the season. IF Sonny Gray can continue to pitch like this for the rest of the season, the Yankees will start to get SEPERATION from the Red Sox in the AL East Standings.

The Royals are a TRASH team so beating them up over the last TWO days is not a BIG deal, but as the Yankees continue to roll, they are CRUSHING opponents that they should. The Rangers are another TRASH team in the American League so the Yankees should win another series this week.

Yankees- Rangers Pitching Match Ups-

Game 1: Tonight- Masahiro Tanaka vs Bartolo Colon

Game 2: Tuesday Night- Domingo Germain vs Cole Hamels

Game 3: Wednesday Night- CC Sabathia vs Doug Fister

The Yankees have the better pitcher all week so I would be SHOCKED if the Yankees did NOT roll this week against the TRASHY Rangers. The Yankees take on TWO probable playoff teams starting this weekend, so the Yankees should get some wins under their belt this weekend.


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