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Yankees Weekend Series Preview- Royals

Who invented RAIN?

The Yankees have played a HALF game in the last FIVE days and later tonight they will be RESUMING baseball after almost THREE days since the last time they played baseball in a Major League Stadium. After their series against the Washington Nationals got DERAILED due to RAIN, the Yankees are in Kansas City for this weekend to play the Royals for THREE games. The Royals have had a DISAPPOINTING start to their season, so the Yankees should be able to continue to ROLL with the BEST record in baseball.

Yankees- Nationals Series Recap-

Game 1- The Nationals got off to a GREAT start scoring THREE runs in the first TWO innings off Masahiro Tanaka, who just did not have it on Tuesday. The Yankees could NOT convert early on, but eventually Tyler Austin took the team on his back. He hit a TWO run BOMB and had a Sac-Fly to TIE the game, but Mother Nature had ENOUGH. The game got Suspended after the TOP of the FIFTH inning due to RAIN in Washington and it did not STOP.

The Suspended game was supposed to be RESUMED on Wednesday before Game TWO of the series but the rain WASHED AWAY the games on Wednesday. These games will be made up in the MIDDLE of June, so the Yankees got a WEEK long layoff.

The Yankees spent Wednesday night on the Airport TARMAC due to the weather but were able to get to Kansas City and they are going to BEAT UP on the Royals this weekend. The Pitching Match Ups are LOPSIDED towards the Yankees so there is no point in analyzing them.

The Yankees still have the BEST record in baseball and they should have that record after this weekend.


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