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Yankees Series Preview- Nationals

Good teams WIN games, GREAT teams WIN Series

Another weekend and ANOTHER series WIN for the Yankees, they have won their last SEVEN series and thanks to a Boston Red Sox LOSS last night, they are in a SOLE position in FIRST place going into play tonight. Over the weekend, the Yankees took TWO games from the Oakland Athletics, a team that I was SCARED off despite them being TRASH. The A’s are always a HARD opponent for the Yankees and I will GLADLY take winning TWO games against them.

The Yankees are the HOTTEST team in baseball and they will take on the SECOND hottest team in baseball this week, the Washington Nationals. The Yankees have played a TON of HOME games this season, MAJORITY of their games for the next MONTH are on the road, which will be a BIG test for this team and they will be joined by TOP prospect Clint Frazier, who is REPORTEDLY called up Today.

Yankees- Athletics series Recap-

**DISCLAIMER- I only watched like ONE inning of play all weekend, so my recaps are really SHORT.

Game ONE- Sonny Gray took on his FORMER team for the FIRST time and he got SHELLED. The A’s jumped out to an EARLY 5-0 lead, but we know that the Yankees are NEVER dead until the LAST out of the game. The Yankees pulled to within 6-5, but the Bullpen could NOT hold on and the Yankees lost the game 10-6, which was their SECOND loss in a row, after losing to the Red Sox on Thursday.

Game TWO- Domingo German had a GREAT start in his FIRST Major League start last Sunday but he could NOT replicate that on Saturday. He gave up SIX runs in FIVE innings and the Yankees EARLY lead was blown. It was 6-6 going into the NINTH, when the A’s scored a run that was OVERTURNED on replay. The game was TIED going into the Extras and in the ELEVENTH inning, Neil Walker wanted to go home.

Neil Walker had really STRUGGLED to start the season and I wanted him to be CUT, but he has been playing really well LATELY and EARNED a roster spot. Losing TWO games to the A’s would NOT have been IDEAL, so the WIN on Saturday was CRUCIAL for the Yankees.

Game THREE- The Yankees are going to win MOST games started by their ACE Luis Severino and that was the case AGAIN on Sunday. He gave up only ONE run in SIX innings and the Yankee offense thanks in large part to Giancarlo Stanton, STEAMROLLED to a 6-2 victory. Stanton went 4-4 with an HOME RUN to give the Yankees the series WIN.

Stanton is another player that STRUGGLED to start the season, but his numbers are IDENTICAL to last season at this point in the season and he ended up with 59 Home Runs and 132 RBI’s last season, so the PANIC early in the season might have been PREMATURE.

The Yankees are ROLLING and this is the FIRST time in Franchise history that FOUR players on the team have TEN or more Home Runs through FORTY games. Stanton, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez ALL had a Home Run this series and are going to LEAD this team to the PROMISED LEAD.

Didi Gregorius is the FOURTH player in that list and he was voted the BEST player in all of baseball for the month of April, but he has been one of the WORST players in baseball in the month of May. Didi has really STRUGGLED lately and cannot seem to get a hit, IF he can return to his form for EARLIER this season than the Yankees can be even better.

Other players on the team like Neil Walker and Brett Gardner have been really GOOD lately, so I am not really worried about Didi’s STRUGGLES. The offense is going to get BETTER soon as some of their players on the Disabled List get HEALTHY like Brandon Drury, Clint Frazier, and Greg Bird.

The Yankees made a UNIQUE move yesterday, they REINSTATED Drury from the DL and optioned him to the Minors in Scranton rather than joining the Major League club. The Yankees acquired Drury in the offseason from the Arizona Diamondbacks and he was SUPPOSED to be the STARTING Third Baseman but after he was sent to the DL due to MIGRAINES, Miguel Andujar came to the Yankees and started off his career on a HISTORIC pace. The move yesterday signals that Andujar is the STARTING Third Baseman for now and once he goes COLD, he might be TRADED for a BIG piece or sent down to Minors. I think that it was SMART to ride out the HOT streak of Andujar and figure things out IF and WHEN Andujar enters a SLUMP.

ALL reports are Twitter this morning are that Clint Frazier is going to be PROMOTED to the Major League squad for Tonight’s game. Frazier, who ended up on the Disabled List because of a CONCUSSION in Spring Training had been RAKING in the Minors during his REHAB assignment, so it was a NO-BRAINER to bring him back to the Majors. The Yankees have NOT officially announced this move yet, so we do NOT know who was sent down to make room for Frazier. I would ASSUME that it was one of the pitchers in the Bullpen that are RARELY used like David Hale and A.J. Cole.

Greg Bird is in AA for his Rehab Assignment, ALL signs are pointing towards him coming back in a COUPLE of weeks so the middle of this Line up will be BETTER than it is currently once Bird arrives in the Bronx.

The Yankees will take on Bryce Harper and the Nationals who have been RAKING after a slow start to the season. The Nationals were my pick to win the NL East, they are currently in THIRD place but by the time this season is OVER, I expect them to be in FIRST place. I would NOT be SHOCKED if these two teams make it to the World Series this season, so this is an IMPORTANT series for both teams.

Yankees- Nationals Pitching Match Ups-

Game 1: Tonight- Masahiro Tanaka vs Gio Gonzalez

Game 2: Wednesday Night- CC Sabathia vs Max Scherzer

Tanaka is the BETTER pitcher in Tonight’s game and the Yankees should be able to win the game. Wednesday’s game is a match up between TWO of the BEST pitchers in Baseball since the TURN of the Century. Even though CC has BETTER career stats, I expect Scherzer to DOMINATE on the BIG stage and he might pitch a ONE hitter to shut down the Yankee offense who is PRONE to strike outs and Scherzer leads the Major Leagues in Strike Outs per NINE innings.

This TWO game series against the Nationals is a start of a BIG road trip for the Yankees so HOPEFULLY they can start it on a POSITIVE note.



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