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RIP In Peace to my Bank Account

For the people around me’s WELL being, the Jets BETTER win A LOT of games this season

The day has FINALLY arrived that betting on Sports is CONSTITUTIONAL and all signs are pointing towards New Jersey becoming the FIRST state to open up Sports Books after this decision by the Supreme Court.

Officials from New Jersey had filed this case in the Supreme Court looking to REVITALIZE Atlantic City, despite a LONG process, today is a GOOD day for the state of New Jersey. The FIRST Sports Book is probably going to be built in Monmouth Park, which is like TWENTY minutes from my house… which is TERRIBLE for my Bank Account.

Monmouth Park is going to be ready for the NBA Finals and a TON of betting parlors in the state are going to be open in time for Football season, which means I am going to bet a SHIT TON of money on the Jets winning some games this fall. I CANNOT wait to lose ALL my money on the Jets this fall and it is going to make me MISERABLE.

Now that it is LEGAL, I can CONFESS.. I have bet A LOT of money on Sports and will CONTINUE to do so now that it is LEGAL. It is so easy to bet on Sports if you live in New Jersey in about TWO WEEKS.. so have fun give away all your money.

ALL in ALL this is a GREAT move for the state of New Jersey who has MANY racetracks and casinos, so Lawmakers in the State can be REJOICED today.


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