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Yankees Weekend Series Preview- Athletics

This team is STILL fun to watch

The New York Yankees have done something that is UNHEARD of. They were 8.5 games back in the AL East NINETEEN days ago and currently TIED with the Boston Red Sox, their opponent for this past week. The Yankees took TWO out of THREE games from the Red Sox, having LATE game MANIA in all THREE games. This series was one of the most EXCITING series of the past couple of seasons and even though the Yankees LOST the LAST game of the series, it was an overall POSITIVE for the Bronx Bombers. The Yankees have SURVIVED their TOUGHEST part of the schedule and they have a TON of momentum going against some EASY opponents like the Oakland Athletics this weekend.

Yankees- Red Sox series recap-

Game 1- The Yankees had their BEST pitcher on the mound and the Red Sox had one of their WORST. Neither team got going on offense and the game was TIED 2-2 going into the SEVENTH inning. Both runs for the Yankees were scored by Giancarlo Stanton, who has turned into a Red Sox KILLER. Aaron Judge scored the game WINNING single in the SEVENTH inning when the bases were LOADED to give the Yankees the lead. The bullpen did its job to give the Yankees their SEVENTH win in a row. The Red Sox’ 8.5 game lead was DEAD.

Game 2- The Yankees had lined up Masahiro Tanaka for the SECOND game of the series, while the Red Sox had to regroup after their planned starter David Price was SCRATCHED from his start due to playing TOO MANY video games. It had NOTHING do with the fact that he has been TRASH against the Yankees… NOT!.

This game was back and forth between the two teams with the Red Sox leading 6-5 going into the EIGHTH inning. The Yankees had two runners on base and this time the guy with the big hit was Brett Gardner, who had been TRASH all season. Many Yankee fans wanted to CUT Gardy, but he had a GREAT game on Wednesday to SILENCE his haters. He had a TRIPLE to clear the bases and the Yankees RETOOK the lead. Judge followed up with a LONG home run into Monument Park to give the Yankees a 9-6 lead going into the NINTH. Aroldis Chapman got the save to give the Yankees their SEVENTEENTH win in their last EIGHTEEN games.

Game 3- The Yankees were looking to sweep the Red Sox out of the Bronx and had CC Sabathia on the mound, who was the BEST pitcher in the rotation thus far this season. The Red Sox were able to HAMMER Sabathia for FOUR runs in less than FIVE innings and they had the EARLY lead. There was a LONG rain delay which took some momentum away from the Red Sox. One thing that we have learned in 2018 is that the Yankees are NEVER dead and that was the case LAST night.

After FAILING to score with the bases LOADED earlier in the game, they had them loaded AGAIN in the SEVENTH inning and this time they scored some runs. The Yankees scored FOUR runs in the inning based on a Walk, Single, Ground OUT, and a WILD pitch to TIE the game. The Stadium was ROCKING, but it did not LAST for long.

Dellin Betances gave up a Home Run to the FIRST batter in the EIGHTH inning to give the Red Sox the lead, which they held on to TIE up the AL East.

The Yankees and Red Sox are going to be playing for THIRTEEN more games this season, the winner of that series will have Home Field Advantage in the AL playoffs, these were really IMPORTANT for both teams. The two teams are TIED 3-3 thus far this season and all of them have been EXCITING, I cannot wait for these two teams to play again this season.

The Yankees took on FIVE probable playoff teams over their last THIRTEEN games, I said that if they go 7-6 during that stretch, I would be ECSTATIC, they went 11-2 so you could say I was AROUSED. The Yankees have a really easy schedule coming up so this GREAT run can PROPEL them to running away with the AL East.

The Oakland Athletics come to town this weekend who are TRASH. I expect the Yankees to RUN away with the series and because the A’s are TRASH there is NO point in me previewing the pitching match ups, because the Yankees have the BETTER pitchers for the whole series and it has NOTHING to do with me being really LAZY, so yeah.

The Yankees are GREAT and they can continue to remain GREAT by CRUSHING the A’s this weekend.




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