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Yankees Series Preview- Red Sox

NEVER give up hope on the Yankees!!

The Yankees are RED HOT and have the SECOND best record in baseball, this past weekend they SWEPT the Cleveland Indians, a PROBABLE playoff team this season, the Yankees had TWO Walk-Off hits this weekend to propel to winning FIFTEEN of their last SIXTEEN games. The Yankees are ROLLING and there is only ONE team that is having a BETTER season than the Yankees and that is the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees’ opponent for this week. The series this week is going to have PLAYOFF atmosphere at Yankee Stadium and the winner of the series can continue to ROLL for the rest of the season in the AL East and all of Major League Baseball.

Yankees- Indians series recap-

Game 1- The Yankees and the Indians played in the ALDS last season, with the Yankees winning Game FIVE in Cleveland, this was the FIRST meeting of the two teams since that game. The Yankees jumped out to an EARLY lead thanks to the FIRST career home run by rookie infielder Gleyber Torres, who has been GREAT for the Yankees, but we will hear from him later in the weekend.

CC Sabathia continued to AMAZE everyone by having ANOTHER Quality Start, he told the media yesterday that he will RETIRE if the Yankees win the World Series this season, if he continues to pitch like this, he will forced to come back next season even if the Yankees win the World Series.

The Yankees Bullpen could not hold the lead and the game was tied going into the bottom of the NINTH. One thing that has become EVIDENT about this team is that they are NEVER dead. Despite the Bullpen BLOWING a BIG lead, the Yankee offense BAILED them out and scored a run in the bottom of the NINTH thanks to a Miguel Andujar single to win the game 7-6.

Game 2- Sonny Gray took the mound for the Yankees on Saturday, he had a GREAT start last week against the Houston Astros, he had been STRUGGLING this season before that season. He continued his GREAT run and had a Quality Start for the Yankees on Saturday. The Yankees played Small Ball, scoring FOUR runs in the FIFTH inning  and they would go on to win their FIFTH game in a row, 5-2.

Game 3- Domingo German was making his FIRST Major League start. He was replacing Jordan Montgomery, who went down with an INJURY against the Astros. German had pitched FOUR shutout innings in relief of Montgomery but his emotions were high for his first Major League start at Yankee Stadium and it could NOT have gone BETTER for him. German was pitching a NO-Hitter through the SIXTH inning, when he was PULLED for a high pitch count, I agreed with this decision as he had not thrown that many pitches this season and the Yankees need their starters to remain HEALTHY.

Dellin Betances came in relief of German and throw a PERFECT seventh inning and the Yankees had a COMBINED NO-Hitter going through the SEVENTH inning, Betances gave up a hit in the EIGHTH to end the NO-Hitter bid. The Indians scored FOUR runs in the EIGHTH to take a 4-0 lead, but as we have learned thus far this season, the Yankees are NOT done until the final out of the game is recorded.

The Yankees scored THREE runs in the bottom of the EIGHTH including a TWO-run double by Aaron Judge to cut the Indians lead to 4-3. After a 1-2-3 inning by Chasen Shreve in the TOP of the NINTH inning, the Yankees quickly scored a run on a Neil Walker double to TIE the game in the NINTH. They had TWO runners on base for Gleyber Torres, who really wanted to go home on  Sunday afternoon.

The Yankees continued to CRUSH their opponents’ hearts, that was their FOURTH win in the NINTH inning in their current SIX game WINNING streak. They are on a run that is UNPRECENTED in Yankee lure, the last time the Yankees went 15-1 in a SIXTEEN game stretch was back in 1980, this team is SPECIAL.

The Yankees are NEVER dead and despite the Indians leading the game 4-0 on Sunday, I was pretty confident that the Yankees were going to come back. I almost EXPECT them to win every game, they have looked great in ALL facets of the game and they can get even better when the likes of Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez RAKE the ball consistently.

The BIGGEST predicament for the Yankees on offense currently is the third base situation. They brought in Brandon Drury via a trade with the Diamondbacks in the offseason to be the starting Third Baseman, Drury suffered from Migraines earlier this season and ended up on the DL. The Yankees promoted ELITE prospect Miguel Andujar, who has been the BEST rookie thus far this season. Drury has begun appearing in Rehab games and should be ready to come off the DL this week but Andujar has done such a GOOD job, that the Yankees CANNOT replace Andujar with Drury, The Yankees also promoted their TOP prospect Gleyber Torres as the starting Second Baseman and with Tyler Austin and Neil Walker rotating at First Base, there is NO spot for Drury currently. I expect them to DEMOTE Austin to make room for Drury and Walker will become the primary first baseman as he has improved his stats over the last week, but this is the ONLY problem the Yankees have currently.

The Yankees take on the Red Sox this week in a battle for FIRST place in the AL East, these two teams are going to run away with the AL East this season, so the SIXTEEN remaining games between them will determine who will advance to the ALDS and who will be FORCED to play in the Wild Card game.

Yankees- Red Sox Pitching Match Ups:

Game 1: Tonight- Drew Pomeranz vs Luis Severino

Game 2: Wednesday Night- David Price vs Masahiro Tanaka

Game 3: Thursday Night- Rick Porcello vs CC Sabathia

The Yankees starting rotation has had a Quality Start in all games during their SIX game winning streak except for the game in which Monty got hurt, if that continues this week, the Yankees will run away with this series and be leading the Red Sox in the AL East instead of TRAILING them by ONE game going into the series.


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