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Knicks have a NEW head coach

Another person joins the NEVER ENDING cycle

It seems as if the Knicks tried to shoot for the STARS but barely got off the GROUND. The RUMORS were swirling over the last TWO weeks that the Knicks were going to interview many BIG names for their head coaching VACANY, but ended up with David Fizdale, who seems VANILLA to me. I am going to be HONEST, I do NOT know much about the coaching ABILITY of Fizdale, but he was FIRED from his last job, the ONLY silver lining in all this is that he is really CLOSE with LeBron James, who is going to be a free agent at the end of this season.

The Knicks FIRED Jeff Hornaceck just a FEW hours after their 2018 season ENDED. As soon as the head coaching job in the NBA’s MOST Valuable franchise, opened up, many people wanted their name in the MIX. The Knicks Front Office reportedly contacted the likes of Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson, Kenny Smith, and David Blatt. They settled with Fizdale and Mike Budenholzer as the FINALISTS for the job and they picked Fizdale as the RIGHT man for the job.

Fizdale only has ONE previous Head Coaching job with the Memphis Grizzlies from which he was FIRED earlier this season. Fizdale was 50-51 with the Grizzlies, but made the playoffs last season, losing in the FIRST round. He is most COMMONLY known for being the assistant coach for the Miami Heat during the years that they went to FOUR straight NBA Finals and won TWO championships. LeBron and Fizdale seemed to have bonded during their time in Miami and MAYBE the Knicks can use Fizdale to LURE LeBron into becoming the KING of New York

I do NOT hate this hire, but I do NOT like it either. The Knicks are among the most FAMOUS franchises in North American Sports and play in the PREMIERE arena in the sport of basketball, but they cannot attract a Head Coach that has a winning record.

MOST Knick fans wanted Mark Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy to leave ESPN and RETURN to Madison Square Garden, but I DISAGREE. The NBA has changed IMMENSELY in the last FEW seasons and I do not think Van Gundy would have been able to ADAPT his coaching style after being on TV for the last FIFTEEN years. Mark Jackson helped BUILD the Golden State Warriors, who have been on the FOREFRONT of the changes in the NBA. Jackson would have made sense for the Knicks, but leaving a MARQUEE job to come coach a TRASH team is not that ENTICING.

The Knicks are going to be REALLY BAD for the next couple of years, the NEW head coach has his work cut out for him to win when the team is MISSING it’s best player, Kristaps Porzingis.

The Knicks were TRASH last season after Porzingis went down with an ACL injury and he is going to miss the MAJORITY if not ALL OF the 2018-19 season. The Knicks are not going to be GOOD, as currently constructed, till the 2019-20 season, so Fizdale might be a LAME-DUCK head coach in New York similar to Mark Jackson in Golden State.

The ONLY hope that the Knicks have with Fizdale is his connection with LeBron. I HATE everything about LeBron, but he can SINGLEHANDEDLY carry a team to the NBA Finals, so he can CHANGE the Knicks luck in a HEARTBEAT.

There is LITTLE to NO chance that LeBron comes to New York, but that is the ONLY hope we have as Knicks fans this off-season.

I have NO idea why I am a Knicks fan.


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