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Yankees Weekend Series Preview- Angels

Major League Baseball should be SCARED of this team

I am ALWAYS trying to PANIC about the Yankees, I gotta be HONEST, I have ZERO panic about this team right now. The Yankees had a FOUR game sweep over the Minnesota Twins this week and all is right in Yankee land. The Twins have not beat the Yankees since the FIFTIES, so they were the perfect opponent for getting things right for the Yankees. After a BIG win yesterday, they took a cross-country flight to the West Coast and will start a SIX game road trip tonight in Anaheim. The Yankees are on a SIX game winning streak so they have all the MOMENTUM in the world going into this trip.

Yankees- Twins Recap:

Game 1- The Twins NEVER beat the Yankees and they got going early scoring FOUR runs in the first TWO innings. Gary Sanchez had been STRUGGLING to start this season but he HAD a big double in the FIRST inning and the team was off and running. Giancarlo Stanton hit his FIFTH home run of the season so it was a good thing to see both hitters in the Yankees MIDDLE order start finding things on offense. The Yankees put up FOURTEEN runs to roll over the Twins behind a QUALITY start by Masahiro Tanaka.

Game 2- Gary Sanchez continued to be HOT by hitting a Game-Tying Home Run to start the game up. Didi Gregorius hit a Home Run in THREE of the FOUR games this series and hit a BIG home run late in the game to add some INSURANCE into the game. Miguel Andujar is among the HOTTEST hitters in baseball and he had the Game Winning home run in this game. CC Sabathia had his BEST start of the season and would have pitched a COMPLETE GAME if he was not the OLDEST player on the team, so he only pitched SIX.

Game 3- Sonny Gray has been the WORST pitcher for the Yankees all season and those STRUGGLES continued on Wednesday night. He did not last past the FIFTH inning AGAIN and if not for Didi Gregorius, he would have lost ANOTHER game this season. Didi hit the GAME TYING home run in the second inning to keep the game close and Tyler Austin followed him with a THREE RUN Home Run in the SAME inning to help the Yankees come CLOSER to Winning the series. The Bullpen BENT but did not BREAK in the game and the Yankees won their SECOND series in a row.

Game 4- It would have been HUGE for the Yankees to get a FOUR game SWEEP going into the West Coast Trip and Jordan Montgomery did his BEST to help the Yankees by LIMITING the Twins offense. He gave TWO runs in FIVE innings but the Yankees were getting NO-HIT when he left the game. Giancarlo Stanton scored the FIRST run for the Yankees in the SEVENTH inning and it looked like the Yankees were going to LOSE this game as they were down 3-1 going into the BOTTOM of the NINTH, but Sanchez had OTHER ideas. The first TWO hitters in the inning got on base and then Gary Sanchez took care of the rest and the Yankees got their FOUR game SWEEP.

This was a BIG week for the Yankees and they did the EXACT thing that they should have done against the Twins, thanks in large part to Didi. Going into the season, Didi was the FOURTH or FIFTH option for the Yankees, but right now he is STATISTICALLY the BEST hitter in baseball, if he can keep this up the Yankees offense might be the BEST offense in HISTORY as soon as Stanton, Sanchez, Aaron Judge, AND Didi is CLICKING on ALL cylinders.

The Yankees take on the Angels for THREE games this week starting tonight before they will have a REMATCH of the ALCS next week. The Yankees SHOULD win the series against the Angels as they have the FRONT end of the rotation lined up for the Angels, who have been UP and DOWN this season. A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for the PANIC button, but after their BIG Walk-Off win yesterday, I EXPECT them to win EVERY game for the rest of the season.

The Yankees have the BIG advantage in pitching this week and with the way the offense has been hitting in the last WEEK, the Yankees are SCARY GOOD.

Pitching Matchups for the Angels series-

Game 1: Friday Night- Luis Severino vs Andrew Heaney

Game 2: Saturday Night- Masahiro Tanaka vs Garett Richards

Game 3: Wednesday Night- CC Sabathia vs Tyler Skaggs

All THREE Yankee pitchers have been GREAT in their last TWO starts, but they were at HOME, we will see how that translates on the ROAD. I have RENEWED my HIGH expectations for the Yankees and they are going on TEAR that is going to be UNPRECEDENTED.




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