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With the THIRD pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select… Sam Darnold!!

What happened the last time the Jets drafted a quarterback from USC in the FIRST round?

Throughout LAST football season, I consistently said that I thought Sam Darnold was TRASH and I did not want the Jets to draft him, but OF COURSE they did the exact OPPOSITE of what I wanted and Darnold is the NEWEST member of the New York Jets. I wanted the Jets to draft Baker Mayfield going into the Draft, but they did NOT get a chance to draft him as he was the FIRST overall pick and the Jets were picking THIRD.

I thought that the Jets wanted to draft Josh Rosen or Mayfield as they made the trade with the Indianapolis Colts right AFTER returning from a PRIVATE workout of Rosen, but I guess that was just a COINCIDENCE. Rosen DROPPED to the TENTH pick and was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals, good luck to him in the NFC West. Darnold was the MOST ANTICIPATED quarterback of this draft class and the Jets have ENDED up with him, so maybe that is the SILVER LINING in all of this?

I am not going to PRETEND that I understand football schemes, Darnold might be the PERFECT quarterback for the Jets’ OFFENSIVE system under NEW offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates. I do NOT have the will power to get EXCITED about Darnold after being BEATEN DOWN year after year for the last FORTY years hoping that a quarterback was going to lead us to the PROMISED LAND, so until Darnold can get on the field and do some MAGIC, I might hate him.

The Jets have a CONTINGENCY plan in place to SMOOTHLY transition Darnold into a starting position as they have TWO veteran quarterbacks on the roster currently. Josh McCown OR Teddy Bridgewater will be the Week 1 starter of the Jets against the Detroit Lions and those TWO will be the PRIMARY starters for the Jets until Darnold is ready. UNLESS if he is the second coming of Jesus Christ, I do not expect to see Sam Darnold playing in a Regular Season until AT LEAST November if not LATER.

I have NO PERSONAL ISSUES with Sam Darnold, but he really STRUGGLED at times at USC last season and according to all the draft NERDS that was because of a TRASH offensive line, I really hope that is true. From here on out, I am ALL IN on Sam Darnold, passes INSIDE the numbers are going to be GREAT for the next TEN years at Metlife Stadium.

The Jets have a GREAT track record of drafting a quarterback from USC in the first FEW picks of the FIRST round, wait NO THEY DO NOT.

The Jets are DEAD, but maybe Sam Darnold is GREAT. One can HOPE


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