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Yankees Series Preview- Marlins

I HATE the rain

The Yankees have returned to the Bronx for their first BIG homestand of the season starting tonight against the Miami Marlins. TWO of the three games for the Yankees got rained out this weekend in Detroit against the Tigers. the weather has cleared up in New York so the Yankees will play ALL their games this week.

In their ONLY game in Detroit, the Yankees won 8-6 thanks to outfielder Aaron Hicks, who made his second start after returning from the DL. He became the FIRST Yankee since the 1950s to hit an Inside the park home run and an outside the park home run in the SAME game. The offense came ALIVE in the game and if not for the bullpen IMPLODING late in the game, the Yankees would have coasted to an EASY win.

The Marlins are TRASH and the Yankees have their BEST pitchers on the mound so if the Yankees do not SWEEP than I will press the PANIC button. The Yankees should TWENTY runs each but they probably NOT just to piss me off.

The Boston Red Sox are on a HISTORIC pace to start the season and the Yankees need to START winning to keep PACE with that team up NORTH and that starts this homestand this week.


8 Comments on Yankees Series Preview- Marlins

  1. Drop him in the order just to let him know he needs to step it up.

    & I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m loving the boos.

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