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Yankees Series Preview- Red Sox

I NEED the PANIC button!!!

The Yankees are 1/16th of the way DONE with their season and people in the Bronx are really close to pushing the PANIC button. Over the weekend the Yankees lost THREE out of FOUR games against the LOWLY Baltimore Orioles. STAR slugger Giancarlo Stanton is having the WORST start to a season since the 1920s. Things could get WORST for the Yankees this week as they head to Boston to play the Red Sox who are the HOTTEST team in baseball.

Yankees vs Orioles Series Recap-

Game 1- The Orioles came to the Bronx having only ONE win on the season so they were the underdog in the series but they did not look like it on Thursday. Their starter Andrew Cashner SHUT down the Yankees offense and eventually their offense was able to get some runs off the Yankees. Despite Aaron Judge hitting a home run in the SECOND straight game, the Orioles won COMFORTABLY.

Game 2- Kevin Gausman gave up like a HUNDRED runs in his FIRST start of the season, but he made some changes to LIMIT the runs in his second start. The Yankees had some runs on the board but it were not enough for them to have a BIG lead. CC Sabathia pitched for the Yankees but got HURT in the fourth inning and is on the Disabled List with a HIP issue.

Later in the game, third baseman Brandon Drury got HURT and he is ALSO on the Disabled List as he was SEVERE migraines. The hits came coming for the Yankees as second baseman Tyler Wade was taken OUT of the game due to an illness. The Yankees Bullpen had to pitch almost TWO hundred pitches in the game and catcher Gary Sanchez caught MOST of them. The game went into EXTRA innings and Sanchez was taken out due to CRAMPS in his CALF.

The Yankees had MANY chances to win the game but could not thanks to the STRUGGLES of their offense mostly the HEART of the lineup. Didi Gregorius had a chance to score the game winning run in EXTRAs but he was tagged OUT at home plate. Eventually, the Yankees Bullpen gave OUT and they gave up a Grand Slam in the FOURTEENTH inning that ended a NIGHTMARE game for the Yankees.

Game 3- After the game on Friday Night, the Yankees had to make MANY changes to their Roster because of injuries and over EXHAUSTION of the Bullpen. Manager Aaron Boone SLEPT at the Stadium on Friday night and it seemed as if that worked for the Yankees. They won their ONLY game of the series on Saturday and things were looking GREAT to close out the series. Pitcher Sonny Gray pitched SIX innings which was much NEEDED for the Bullpen and it was RARE for him to go that long in his tenure with the Yankees.

Game 4- The Yankees had Jordan Montgomery on the mound for the LAST game of the series as they tried to SALVAGE the series. The Yankees jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the game, but Montgomery really STRUGGLED and was taken OUT in the FIFTH inning with the Yankees up 5-4. The Yankees Bullpen could NOT hold the lead AGAIN and the game went into EXTRAs. The Yankees Bullpen CRACKED in the TWELFTH inning, but the Yankees had their best TWO hitters on deck with the Bases Loaded in the BOTTOM of the TWELFTH inning so things were looking GOOD for the Yankees.

Aaron Judge hit into a DOUBLE Play and Giancarlo Stanton STRUCK OUT to END the game and a series that could NOT have gone WORST for the Yankees. They fell to 5-5 on the season and fans were BOOing the team at the END of the game.

The Yankees were supposed to have a GREAT Bullpen, but that is NOT been the case thus far this season. They are the WORST team in many categories and that needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY or the team is in TROUBLE.

The offense has been STRUGGLING and it starts at the TOP with Stanton, who is HISTORICALLY BAD right now. Before the START of this season, NO player in MLB History since the Live Ball Era, which started in 1921, had TWO games in a season in which they went HITLESS and had FIVE strikeouts, Stanton ALREADY has TWO this season. I do not know if the PRESSURE of playing in New York is affecting him or he is just in a SLUMP at a really BAD time, but he needs to start HITTING or the handful of fans that are DEFENDING him will turn on him by the time the Yankees play their next home game.

The Yankees are in Boston this week against the BEST team in baseball thus far this season and they NEED to beat the Red Sox this week. The Yankees are already falling BEHIND in the AL East Standing, they cannot DIG a BIGGER hole this week in Fenway Park. The Red Sox are pitching their TWO best pitchers for the first two games, so the Yankees offensive STRUGGLES might CONTINUE.

Pitching Match Ups for this series-

Game 1: Tonight- Luis Severino vs Chris Sale

Game 2: Wednesday Night- Masahiro Tanaka vs David Price

Game 3: Thursday Night- TBD vs Rick Porcello

Today is going to be a Pitcher’s DUEL, both pitchers finished in the Top THREE in the Cy Young voting this season so the runs are going to be PREMIUM. The Red Sox have been MASHING thus far this season but they LOST their shortstop Xander Boegarts for the next TWO weeks, so we will see how they respond this week in his ABSENCE. The Yankees could not have a WORST case scenario for them this week, I would not be SHOCKED if Chris Sale throws a PERFECT game tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a matchup between pitchers that can go CRAZY and give up a TON of runs at any point. Both pitchers have been DECENT this season but this game has a chance to be a SLUGFEST if the pitchers struggle.

CC Sabathia was SUPPOSED to pitch on Thursday but after his INJURY, the Yankees have not decided who is going to pitch that game. It is likely going to be Sonny Gray on NORMAL rest or else they will bring up Chance Adams to make his FIRST Major League start. Either way the Yankees should have the EDGE in pitching as Rick Porcello is DUE to have a bad game, HOPEFULLY it is against the Yankees.

The Season is not in PANIC mode for the Yankees but if their STRUGGLE continues this week, than the season is FULL BLOWN PANIC. The Yankees NEED to WIN at least ONE game this week or else all HELL will break lose in the Bronx.


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  1. Nightmare night, my man. If they would’ve just lost in a typical close game I would’ve been less frustrated. But getting blown out like that by a team predicted to be worse than us is concerning.

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