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Yankees Weekend Series Preview- Orioles

The Parade down Canyon of Heroes in November is going to be so much FUN

The New York Yankees have played SIX games in the 2018 season and they are 4-2 through them. After SPLITTING the four games in Toronto, they won BOTH games in their Home OPENING series against the Devil Rays they are now hosting the Baltimore Orioles for a FOUR game series this weekend before they go on a ROAD trip next week. The Yankees first FOUR series of the season are against their divisional opponents, so they NEED to continue ROLLING to build a lead in the AL East.

Yankees vs Devil Rays Series Recap-

Game 1– The Yankees had to wait more than TWENTY SEVEN hours after the scheduled time to play their FIRST home game of the season on Tuesday. The SNOW did not allow for a PREGAME ceremony on Tuesday, but the Yankees were able to WIN the game thanks to Didi Gregorius and Jordan Montgomery.

Game 2- The SECOND game of the series got DELAYED also, this time it was only an HOUR and a HALF. Giancarlo Stanton STRUGGLED in the first game was BOOed in his LAST At-bat but he SHUT UP his haters with his FIRST At-bat yesterday and hit the HARDEST hit ball all season with a TWO-run home run in the FIRST inning. Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge BOTH hit TWO-RUN home runs later in the game which marked the FIRST time that the DEATH of the Yankees lineup ALL homered in the same game. It was the FIRST home run of the season for Sanchez and Judge so this game should JUMPSTART their seasons.

The Orioles have the WORST record in the AL East and have lost their last FIVE games after winning on Opening Day. The Orioles have a TERRIBLE pitching staff so the Yankees should be able to TEE-OFF this weekend and put balls OUT of Yankee Stadium.

Pitching Match ups for this series

Game 1: Tonight- Masahiro Tanaka vs Andrew Cashner

Game 2: Friday Night- CC Sabathia vs Kevin Gausman

Game 3: Saturday Afternoon, Sonny Gray vs Chris Tillman

Game 4: Sunday Afternoon, Jordan Montgomery vs Mike Wright Jr.

Andrew Cashner made his FIRST start of the season against the Twins and he really STRUGGLED. He could not CALM the Minnesota Twins whose offense is NOT as good as the Yankees. Tanaka pitched GREAT in his FIRST start of the season and will look to build on that tonight.

I was in attendance for the FIRST start of the season for Kevin Gausman and he was AWFUL, the Yankees should score TWENTY runs off him. CC did enough to LIMIT the runs against the Blue Jays but the Yankees LOST because of the bullpen, he should pitch GOOD in his first start at HOME in what seems like his LAST season in the MLB.

Chris Tillman is ANOTHER pitcher on the O’s that is TRASH, so bet the OVER in that game. Sonny Gray had an AVERAGE start on Sunday but he threw TOO many pitches and that hurt the Yankees. Gray has a tendency to have HIGH pitch counts and that is going to EXHAUST the Bullpen.

Mike Wright Jr. had a DECENT start against the Astros but is NOT good enough for the Yankees offense. Monty was GREAT in the Yankees home opener and he is going to have a GREAT start against the O’s.

The Yankees should win THREE games this series as they are LIGHT YEARS better than the Orioles. The schedule gets TOUGHER next week when the Yankees travel NORTH to Boston so they need to get some EASY wins this weekend to build some MOMENTUM.


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