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Blogiversary: ONE down, MANY more to go

I guess I should REFLECT on how bad of a blogger I am

A year ago TODAY at this very moment, I published my FIRST ever blog. I had no idea what I was doing and some would argue that I have NO clue what I am doing right now, and I would agree with them. I had no idea how to write a blog and after a year I think I have become an AVERAGE blogger.

In my first blog, I had talked about writing whatever I felt like writing and connecting it to Sports, I think I have done an ALRIGHT job of trying to be funny while writing my blogs. I had no idea what style of blogs I would like and after a year, I know that I love to write LONG FORM blogs about different stories in the Sports world whether it be how bad my sports teams are or how HAPPY I am that the Pats lost the Super Bowl, expect more blogs like this in the future.

I had no REAL goals set when I started this blog and frankly I still do not. I used to look at the stats and the Ad Revenue of the blog almost EVERY hour but recently I have tried to STOP as I do not really care who is listening. I have LOVED the interactions that I have had in the comment section of my blogs and on social media, I hope to increase those numbers this year as my only real goal for the next 365 days.

The MAIN reason I started this blog was to provide myself an OUTLET to get all the DUMB sports takes out of my dumb brain and I have LOVED doing that. People recognizing my DUMB takes and interacting with me has been just the cherry on TOP of the Sundae.

I was not exactly very OPEN to people about me being a blogger a year ago today, but I am really proud of MOST of the blogs I have written on the site and I constantly thinking and trying to come up with better ideas for the blog, if you have ANY ideas please comment below and reach out to me on Social Media.

I have not been blogging a LOT lately, but expect that to change as baseball season rolls around and I find more topics to write about.

I want to thank EVERYONE that read my blogs throughout this first year and hope that you will continue to read them as I try to take this site to the MOON.


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