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Its one of the BEST days of the Sports Calendar

Who does NOT love staring at the TV for TEN hours STRAIGHT?

In a couple of hours ALL of corporate America will SHUT down and everyone will be STARING at their TV for the REST of the day. Today is the first day of the NCAA Basketball tournament and I am really EXCITED for it to start. This is the PERFECT time for me to PRETEND that I am a college basketball EXPERT and pick a BUNCH of games and they will all probably be wrong. I did this last year, so I am going to do the SAME thing this year in which I will only mention my UPSET picks and see where it goes from there.

I know that EVERYONE fills out a bracket, but I am a BIG only ONE bracket guy. I am participating in TWO bracket pools this year and all of my picks on BOTH brackets are the EXACT same, so I cannot wait till I lose a SIGNIFICANT portion of my net worth over the next three weeks. I am picking Villanova to WIN the whole tourney this season, SURPRISINGLY I have picked the CORRECT winner two out of the last three years, so I would take that pick to the BANK and buy yourself some food. My UPSET picks for today’s game are below, come back tomorrow morning to see my UPSET picks for the second half of the first round of March Madness.

Upset Picks

11 Seed San Diego State over 6 Seed Houston

9 Seed Alabama over 8 Seed Virginia Tech

Have fun with the games Today and I will see you Tomorrow!


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