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UPDATE: The Jets Pursuit of Kirk Cousins was UNSUCCESSFUL

Jets continue to just DISAPPOINT me

Header Credit- Elite Sports NY


So quarterback Kirk Cousins went to visit the Minnesota Vikings today and he did NOT leave the building without signing a BIG contract with the Vikings. The Jets were the SECOND team that he was going to visit, so OBVIOUSLY the Jets are LEFT AT THE ALTER once again.

The Jets really needed to SIGN Kirk Cousins and they would have been able to pay him more than the Vikings but the HARSH reality is that the Vikings are a MUCH better team than the Jets so I totally UNDERSTAND why Cousins signed with them. Early reports are saying that the whole contract for Cousins is $84 Million fully guaranteed, which is the FIRST time in NFL history that a contract is FULLY guaranteed.

The only reason Cousins would have picked the Jets over the Vikings is for MORE money but since the Vikings offered him a SHIT ton, he might as well stay with a GOOD team rather than a TRASH team like the Jets.

The Jets are now SCRAMBLING to make a move at the most IMPORTANT position in sports, there are some RUMORS that they are going after veterans like Teddy Bridgewater and Josh McCown, which is a TERRIBLE idea. The Jets are TRASH right now, so instead of bringing in a MEDIOCRE quarterback at best, they should take a RISK and draft a quarterback in next month’s draft and DEVELOP him for the next few seasons.

The Jets were NOT going to win a Super Bowl with JUST signing Kirk Cousins, they needed a LOT of other pieces around him to build a GOOD team, now they save a TON of money by not signing him, which they can use to sign people around their young quarterback.

I have been referring to Baker Mayfield as “Future New York Jet Quarterback Baker Mayfield” for about SIX months now, it would be a REAL SHAME if the Jets drafted him with the SIXTH pick in this year’s draft.

The Jets had a chance to REJUVENATE their fan base and they OBVIOUSLY let them down, they will get other opportunities in the FUTURE to disappoint their fan base and I will be waiting for them to DISAPPOINT me UNFORTUNATELY.


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