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The Jets pursuit of Kirk Cousins begins Today!!!

The Jets have ANOTHER opportunity to disappoint their fan base

Header Credit- Elite Sports NY

At 4 PM Eastern tomorrow, the NEW NFL year begins and that means only ONE thing for the New York Jets, send their Brinks truck to Kirk Cousins. The Jets currently have the MOST cap space of ANY team in the NFL and they should NOT think twice and spend a MAJORITY of their cap space on signing Kirk Cousins.

You CANNOT win a Super Bowl in the NFL without having an ABOVE-AVERAGE quarterback, Kirk Cousins is ONE of the BEST quarterbacks in the league right now and that is the BIGGEST need on this Jets team right now. They have NOT had a good quarterback in the PRIME of his career in God knows how long and they have an OPPORTUNITY to land that quarterback over the next couple of days.

Teams like the Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos are the OTHER teams that are going to put out a FULL COURT press in order to sign Cousins. Despite BOTH of those teams having MUCH better rosters than the Jets, they will be able to offer LESS money to Cousins. If the Jets were SMART, they would offer him like a HUNDRED million in guaranteed money so that he CANNOT refuse the Jets offer.

Is Signing Kirk Cousins going to bring the Jets closer to WINNING the Super Bowl? Absolutely NOT, but it is a step in the RIGHT direction, which is not something that this team is very good at.

The FIRST step of building a GOOD team is to have a FRANCHISE quarterback, the Jets can CROSS that OFF their list by signing Cousins this week and move on to the SECOND step which is acquiring talent AROUND their quarterback. The Jets have the MOST cap space in the NFL for a reason, they should use the REST of the money to sign some offensive lineman to PROTECT their BIGGEST investment on the field.

GUN to my HEAD, do the Jets sign Kirk Cousins? Absolutely NOT. The Jets NEVER do what their fan base wants them to do, that is one of about a BILLION negatives of being a Jets fan.


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