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State of the Knicks- Why just why

I do not know why I write about this team for free

The New York Knicks have FIFTEEN games left in the season and even if they won ALL of them, they would still not have a WINNING record for the season. They have lost FIFTEEN of their last SIXTEEN games and I would be shocked if they even reached TWENTY FIVE wins this season (they currently have TWENTY FOUR). This season has been a DISASTER for them and with baseball season starting in LESS than THREE weeks, I do not expect to write another Knicks blog until after their season is officially OVER.

The Knicks have not looked good in a game since they lost their BEST player Kristaps Porzingis to a season ending injury. Other YOUNG players on the team like point guards Frank Ntilikina, Trey Burke, and Emmanuel Mudiay have done NOTHING to show that they should be considered as the Knicks Point Guard of the FUTURE. Ntilikina had a GREAT start to his rookie season but has shown NO improvements on his offensive game and even though he is a GOOD defender, he still needs to WORK on his offense.

Forward Enes Kanter was a GREAT addition to the team, who came over to the Knicks from the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Carmelo Anthony trade, has been battling some INJURIES recently but he is one of the ONLY highlights of this TERRIBLE season for the Knicks. I am SURE that the ENTIRE coaching staff will be FIRED this offseason as the new management of Steve Mills and Scott Perry will bring in a NEW coach that they hand picked along with some of the players that FIT their system. The Knicks are STUCK with bunch of players brought here by Phil Jackson who wanted to run the Triangle offense, which NO other team in the league runs anymore.

The Knicks were NEVER alive so there is no reason I should declare them dead, but since that is part of my brand, I hereby declare them DEAD for the rest of this season and ALL of next season.


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