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Today in Jets dumpster fire: Attack on talk radio

The SOAP OPERA has no END in sight

A couple of weeks ago, the Jets released Muhammad Wilkerson and ended his ROCKY Jets tenure. Today we had Manish Mehta, who is the Jets beat reporter for the NY Daily News, appeared on the WFAN morning show and that is when the FIREWORKS started.

Mehta accused Wilkerson of being an ALCOHOLIC and that being the reason why he SUCKED as the Jets defensive lineman over the past few seasons. Calling someone an ALCOHOLIC is so out of place for anyone, let alone someone who is supposed to be a “Journalist”. The interview started trending in New York and Wilkerson’s mom called into the radio show to BASH Mehta and defend her son.

I do not know how many times I have been asked by people if I am RELATED to Manish Mehta just because we have the same last name and involved with the Jets. I am NOT related to Mehta and I actually cannot stand him, he is the only Jets beat reporter that I do not follow on Twitter and I follow like FIFTY of them. Mehta has had a LONG history of making up sources for his stories and that is when his ANIMOSITY with Wilkerson started, when he called him “LAZY” a couple of seasons ago. The claims happens to be true and Mehta got his chance to show off today on the radio.

I am not of a big FAN of either side in this argument and I would prefer that they both just SHUT UP, but that is not going to happen and all Jets fans are going to be beat in the bush with this story.

Once again, I HATE Manish Mehta and I am NOT related to him!


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