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The first step in moving FORWARD for the Jets is REMOVING their MISTAKES

The LONG road to recovery BEGINS

Muhammad Wilkerson was drafted 30th overall in the 2011 Draft as the Jets were coming off of BACK to BACK AFC Championship Game LOSSES. Early on it seemed that the Jets had gotten a STEAL with picking him at 30, but LATELY he was a big POISON for the Jets.

Wilkerson went to MULTIPLE Pro Bowls in his tenure with the Jets and DESERVED the BIG long term EXTENSION that he got as the LAST big move of the previous Front Office of head coach Rex Ryan and GM John Idzik. It seemed as if as soon as Wilkerson got the BIG contract he had GIVEN UP and was just cashing checks. The new Front Office did NOT draft so they had no problems RELEASING him the first chance that they got.

Wilkerson was TRASH over the past three seasons and his TERRIBLE contract was definitely holding the Jets back in Free Agency over the past TWO seasons when his contract really hit the Salary Cap. The Jets have MUCH better defensive lineman in Leonard Williams to anchor the FRONT rush so it was a NO BRAINER of getting rid of the CANCER that was Muhammad Wilkerson.

I was actually a BIG fan of Wilkerson when he first got into the league, but it seemed as if he never PROGRESSED as much as the Jets would have liked. I would have LOVED to see him stay with the Jets till they turn the corner but the Jets have not made the Playoffs since he was drafted SEVEN years ago. I am NOT saying that the MAIN reason the Jets have missed the Playoffs in the last SIX seasons is Wilkerson, but I do not BLAME them for releasing him as he had not performed anywhere near to the amount that he was getting paid.

I cannot WAIT till he signs with the Pats or the Steelers and wins the next FOUR Super Bowls for them while POOPING on the Jets’ face.


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