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State of the Knicks- Still TRASH

What is even the point of this?

Believe it or not, the basketball season is STILL going on and the Knicks are STILL playing games, I have no idea why anybody would watch them though. They have TWENTY games left in the season and I really hope they LOSE all of those games for a HIGH draft pick, but they probably will not. They went 1-2 in their THREE games after the All Star break. They are on their way to the West Coast for a THREE game road trip next week as Madison Square Garden will be consumed by a BUNCH of college basketball teams over the next TWO weeks.

The Knicks took on the Magic in Orlando in their first game out of the break and found a way to WIN that game. Before the break, I had said that I hoped they did not win ANOTHER game this season and I really HOPE that their win against the Magic is their LAST of the season and the finish the season on a TWENTY TWO game losing streak.

The Knicks returned to the Garden to take on the BEST teams in BOTH conferences and you might be SURPRISED but they got BLOWN OUT. They LOST by just NINE points to the Boston Celtics on Saturday and LOST by FOURTEEN against the Golden State Warriors. The Knicks did not play TERRIBLE in those games but their INEXPERIENCE was evident in those games. These two games were a BENCHMARK for the Knicks to see how FAR they are and it turns out they are REALLY FAR from coming even close to being in the Finals.

On the West Coast trip they take on the Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings, and the Portland Trail Blazers. They are going to be UNDERDOGS for all those games and I hope they lost them ALL.

Nobody cares about what happens on the court but I like that they are putting in younger players instead of trying to WIN with OLD players. At the end of the season ALL their coaching staff is probably going to be FIRED so they do not need to prove anything over these next TWENTY games.

The Knicks are at rock bottom and their best case scenario of coming out of the DUMPSTER is to lose so we should all be rooting for them to LOSE for the rest of the season.


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