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Yankees need to GET RID of Russell Wilson

When your mortal ENEMY goes against your LOVE


The Yankees are KNOWN around the world for making really smart decisions, so I do NOT understand why they are doing this PR GIMMICK by bringing in Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Rusell Wilson into Spring Training. The Yankees “traded” for his rights from the Texas Rangers during the Winter Meetings and even though I HATED the move back then, I did not hate it enough to blog about it.

I HATE Russell Wilson even though he has never done anything BAD against any of my sports team, I just do NOT like him. Back when he was just entering the NFL and I only had like a HUNDRED twitter followers, I would tweet EVERY SINGLE day to various accounts saying that Russell Wilson is TRASH. He then went on to WIN the Super Bowl like FIFTY minutes away from my house and I had a FULL egg on my face. I have been so ANTI Wilson that I would get into ARGUMENTS with people in which I said things like “Johnny Manziel is a HUNDRED times better than him” (Manziel has not a played in a NFL game in almost THREE years). I thought that the Seahawks missing the playoffs this past NFL season and Wilson being TRASHY at times had ENDED my rivalry with him, but it has NOT.

The Yankees “signed” him in the offseason and have now brought him into Spring Training so that he could HURT all the players. NOTHING good is going to come out of him being in Yankees camp, it is not like he is going to help any of the players get better.

It would not SHOCK me if I read a headline in the next couple of weeks that said, “Aaron Judge is going to be out for THREE months because he was playing Football with Russell Wilson and broke his leg colliding into Giancarlo Stanton”.

The Yankees already have one of the BEST rosters in baseball and are among the FAVORITES to win the World Series, they do NOT need to do PR GIMMICKS like this to attract people to come to the games. They are not the Mets who are actually going to end up playing Tim Tebow in a regular season.

Before a CATASTROPHE happens the Yankees need to kick Russell Wilson OUT of their Spring Training facility or else he will probably end up CURSING the best players on the Yankees.

Sidenote- I would not mind if Russell Wilson played a BUNCH of football with Jacoby Ellsbury and took him to the NFL so that the Yankees would get rid of that TERRIBLE contract. If Russell Wilson is able to get Ellsbury OFF the Yankees than I MAY start rooting for him.

As far as on the field goes for the Yankees they have YET to lose a game this Spring Training so I would not be SHOCKED if they WIN every single game this season on their way to their 28th World Series Championship.


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