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Apparently the Yankees season is over before it even started

I am a sucker that took the BAIT

For the roughly 2,000 people who entered George M. Steinbrenner Field on Monday to watch Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton hit in the same batting practice group expecting thunder, they were treated to burps instead during the first full-squad Yankees workout.

The estimated crowd number was larger than the past few years but nowhere near the crowds when Roger Clemens, Hideki Matsui, Jason Giambi, Randy Johnson and Alex Rodriguez arrived for their first days of spring training with the Yankees, like Stanton did Monday.

Hitting off catching instructor Jason Brown, the pair combined to hit six balls over the wall in four rounds of batting practice that produced far more cage balls than solid contact. –via¬†New York Post

I gotta be honest this article is just a click bait and as soon as I saw this article on my Twitter feed, I could not have clicked this article FASTER. Today is the FIRST day of workouts for the Yankees and all the beat reporters that are down in Tampa needed something to write about, and apparently the NY Post went the TROLL route.

This was the FIRST workout for the reigning NL MVP, Giancarlo Stanton for the Yankees and it was obviously highly ANTICIPATED by Yankee fans and most fans LOVED it. Stanton paired up with the Yankees BEST player from last season, Aaron Judge in this first workout before the Yankees start playing Spring Training games later this week.

Even though I was looking forward to this workout I did NOT expect much from it, so I am not DISAPPOINTED that they only hit SIX home runs for this “batting practice”. The workload will INCREASE for the two players over the week, so I expect them to hit like a HUNDRED home runs by the time the regular season rolls around.

The video of them hitting a COUPLE of home runs got me HYPED for the season and I am looking forward to these two hitting TWO HUNDRED home runs EACH over the next SEVEN months which will (hopefully) end in them winning World Series number TWENTY EIGHTH. Friday needs to come here SOONER because I really need to see this team play and set even HIGHER expectations on this team than I already have.

If you are one of the FOUR people that reads this site REGULARLY and HATE baseball then you should probably STOP reading this site until NOVEMBER, because this site is going to be Baseball HEAVY for the next NINE months.


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  1. Cannot wait for this all. Friday’s going to be a good day too – a lot of young talent to watch in this year’s Spring Training.

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