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I am really bad at making predictions

I do not know why I keep doing this

The 2017 NFL season is UNDER the books and it is time to see how bad I was in my predictions in the preseason. In August and EARLY September I made a BUNCH of predictions about the NFL season and I was so WRONG. The team that I predicted to WIN the Super Bowl did NOT even make the Playoffs. In this blog I will go through EACH division and reflect how BAD I am at making predictions.

The ONLY reason this blog is being released on a Sunday is because I am SAD that football is over and BORED with no game to watch.

NFC West

My pick (from first to last)- Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams, 49ers

Actual- Rams, Seahawks, Cardinals, 49ers

I was so WRONG on this division that I predicted that the Rams would be one of the WORST teams in the NFL, turns out they are ONE of the best. The Rams had a GREAT season and are going to be PERENNIAL playoff team and have one of the best young CORE in the NFL. It would not SHOCK me if the Rams won a Super Bowl in the next few seasons.

The Seahawks DYNASTY of being the supreme team in the NFC West is OVER. They had a very DISAPPOINTING season and MISSED the playoffs for the FIRST time in quarterback Russell Wilson’s career. The Seahawks are probably going to REBUILD over the next few seasons as everyone on the team has a big EGO.

Nobody really cares about the Cardinals and the 49ers but they did not have DISAPPOINTING seasons this year. The Cardinals will have a NEW quarterback and NEW head coach next season so they might be FAR from the playoffs. The 49ers just made Jimmy Garoppolo the RICHEST man in NFL history so they will be one of the teams in the NFL that vastly IMPROVES next season.

NFC South

My pick- Bucs, Falcons, Panthers, Saints

Actual- Saints, Panthers, Falcons, Bucs

I predicted the exact OPPOSITE of what exactly happened in this division. I thought the Saints were going to be TERRIBLE, but they were one MIRACLE play away from going to the NFC Championship game. Drew Brees is a free agent this off season so it will be INTERESTING to see if he resigns with the Saints or goes somewhere else.

The Falcons were the ONLY team that I predicted correctly so I do not have a FULL egg on my face. The Bucs were TERRIBLE this season and I was completely WRONG on what I thought of them, they are NO way near the playoffs so that gives me a BIG egg on my face. The Panthers rebounded well this season and should have gone FURTHER in  the playoffs but they are building a nice NUCLEUS that will help them get into the Playoffs next season.

NFC North

My pick- Packers, Lions, Bears, Vikings

Actual- Vikings, Lions, Packers, Bears

I thought the Vikings would have one of the WORST records in the NFL, but they were TIED for the BEST record in the NFL. They had the BEST season ever for a team that is hosting the Super Bowl and their MIRACLE win over the Saints in the playoffs is going to be part of their history FOREVER.

The Packers’ season was DERAILED when Aaron Rodgers BROKE his collarbone and they had a DISAPPOINTING season. They have started to make a lot of CHANGES this off season so they will be RETURNING to the Playoffs led by the best quarterback in the NFL.

The Lions had a BAD season and they will be having a NEW head coach next season so things are pointing in only ONE direction in the Big D. The Bears have found themselves a GOOD quarterback who they will be DEVELOPING this off season with a NEW head coach.

NFC East

My Pick- Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Redskins

Actual- Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins, Giants

The Eagles RAN AWAY with this division, but more on them later. The Cowboys were PLAGUED by the SIX game suspension of STAR running back Ezekiel Elliot, which happened at the WORST time for them. Quarterback Dak Prescott did NOT take the next step for the Cowboys and they have a LOT of things that need to be FIXED this off season if they want to get to Atlanta for Super Bowl 53.

The Redskins will be starting a NEW era next season with quarterback Alex Smith. Kirk Cousins had a GOOD season for them this season but they chose to go with Smith for their future. The Redskins have been MEDIOCRE over the past few seasons so maybe the signing of Smith will lead them OUT of mediocrity.

The Giants had the most DISAPPOINTING season of ANY team in the NFL, their fans expected to pick LATE in the NFL draft, but they will be picking SECOND in a couple of months. Everything that could go WRONG for them, went wrong including NUMEROUS injuries that will have an effect on their 2018 season and beyond. It will be INTERESTING to see if they stick with Eli Manning at quarterback or draft a NEW starter.

AFC West

My Pick- Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers

Actual- Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Broncos

The Chiefs had a DECENT 2016 season and followed that up with a DECENT 2017 season. They could have done a lot BETTER this season but could NOT get a playoff win. They will be starting their YOUNG quarterback Pat Mahomes next season, so I expect them to STRUGGLE at first next season. The Chiefs were the BEST team in the NFL after Week 5, but at the END of the season they are not even in the Top 10.

The Chargers had a GREAT first season in Los Angeles, playing in a NON-TRADITIONAL football stadium did not affect them one bit as they were only ONE game out of the playoffs. The Chargers have build a GREAT defense which led to their success this season but they need to find some pieces on offense that will help them get to the NEXT level.

The Raiders were a FAVORITE to win the AFC for many people in the preseason, but the season did not end up the way they would have liked. Quarterback Derek Carr was INJURED for a BIG part of the season and that completely threw them off. The Raiders will be led by Head Coach Jon Gruden next season who will be coaching his FIRST NFL game in after more than TEN years so there is going to be some INTRIGUE with the Raiders next season.

The Broncos continue to have a GREAT defense and a TERRIBLE offense, the moment they find a GOOD quarterback, the Broncos will be BACK in the Playoffs.

AFC South

My Pick- Texans, Titans, Jaguars, Colts

Actual- Jaguars, Titans, Texans, Colts

The Jags had the BIGGEST improvement of ANY team in the NFL. They were ONE game away from getting to the Super Bowl and should have BEATEN the Pats in the AFC Championship if they had been more AGGRESSIVE. The Jags have a GREAT defense that bothers every offense and it will help them be GREAT again next season. Their offense did ENOUGH to win games for them, they will need to do MORE next season as their schedule is going to be TOUGHER.

The Titans were supposed to be a SURPRISE this season and they did exactly that. They got to the Divisional round for the first time in a LONG time and the team is headed in the right direction. Quarterback Marcus Mariota did not reach his full potential this season, if he can get there next season, then LOOK OUT for the Titans in the AFC.

The Texans have found themselves a franchise quarterback in Deshaun Watson who had a GREAT start to his NFL career before going down with an injury which DERAILED the Texans season. If Watson can get fully HEALTHY in time for the 2018 season, then the AFC South has a chance to be the BEST division in football.

The Colts were played by the Pats and Josh McDaniels who told them that he would be their NEW head coach before backing out at the LAST minute. The Colts hired FORMER Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich earlier today as their NEW head coach. Quarterback Andrew Luck has NOT played a game in almost TWO years and NOBODY knows what is wrong with him. He needs to get HEALTHY before the Colts start thinking about the Playoffs.

AFC North

My Pick- Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Browns

Actual- Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Browns

This was the ONLY division that I predicted CORRECTLY. The Steelers had a GREAT season this year but it ended in DISAPPOINTMENT after losing to the Jags at home in the Divisional Round. The Steelers were too focused on the Pats throughout the season and that HURT them in long run. They need to REGAIN their focus this off season and get better.

The Ravens were one MIRACLE in Week 17 from RETURNING to the Playoffs. They had a GOOD season this year despite LOW expectations, they have a LOT of things to fix in the off season on BOTH sides of the ball if they want to even SNIFF the playoffs next season.

The Bengals are TERRIBLE and will be terrible until they get rid of Head Coach Marwin Lewis.

The Browns have won ONE game in the last TWO years, that has to be an ACCOMPLISHMENT of some sort.

AFC East

My Pick- Pats, Dolphins, Bills, Jets

Actual- Pats, Bills, Dolphins, Jets

The Pats continue to be the SUPREME team in this division, but more on them later.

The Bills ENDED the LONGEST playoff DROUGHT this season. The Bills had a GREAT season and need to continue to BUILD this team so that the DROUGHT does NOT happen again. The Bills Mafia is the BEST fan base in football and they DESERVE a good football team.

Who knew that bringing back a RETIRED quarterback would NOT work out? The Dolphins should have known.

The Jets are a DISASTER and you can read all about it right here.

That was all my predictions for the divisions, now let’s SHIFT to the playoffs.

NFC Playoffs

My Pick- Cowboys, Packers, Bucs, Seahawks, Giants, Falcons

Actual- Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Saints, Panthers, Falcons

Hey! At least I picked the Falcons correctly!

AFC Playoffs

My Pick- Raiders, Pats, Steelers, Texans, Broncos, Titans

Actual- Pats, Steelers, Jags, Chiefs, Titans, Bills

I am really BAD at this job of making predictions.

Super Bowl

My Pick- Packers over Pats

Actual- Eagles over Pats

Year IN and Year OUT the Pats continue to DOMINATE the AFC, despite some rumors of TURMOIL, the Pats got the Minnesota for the Super Bowl. The Pats will probably get to Atlanta next season for the Super Bowl, because the ONLY things I have learned while watching the NFL for all this years is that, NEVER bet AGAINST the Pats until the Super Bowl.

For the first FIFTY ONE seasons of the MERGED NFL, we had one UNCERTAINTY, the Eagles have NO Super Bowls Trophies in their cabinet, well that is NO longer the case. The Eagles pulled off THREE upsets in the Playoffs to win the Super Bowl. They had a GREAT season led by second year quarterback Carson Wentz and after Wentz went down with a knee injury, Nick Foles made sure that the Eagles were CHAMPIONS for the FIRST time. The Eagles lost a BUNCH of people on their offensive coaching staff so maybe they will take a step back next season, but I do NOT expect them to because they have a GREAT team on BOTH offense and defense.

Well there have it. If you lived in the BUNKER for the last SEVEN months(what a TRAVESTY), you are all CAUGHT UP on the 2017 NFL season now. Today is the FIRST Sunday without Football since August and I am really SAD.

This was my FIRST NFL season as a blogger and I had a GREAT time covering the league. I am already counting down to Thursday after Labor Day for the NFL to return.



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  1. You keep doing it, my man!! It’s for the love of the game. Plus, I LOVE your predictions, LOL. They’re very entertaining.

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