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State of the Knicks- Who Cares??

Why in the world would you watch the Knicks anymore this season?

The Knicks DIED in Madison Square Garden last night, so nothing matters anymore, but I am a MAN of my word, so here I am blogging about the SHITTY Knicks. The SEASON-ENDING injury to Kristaps Porzingis takes out all JUICE from this season and that was evident last night at HOME against the Milwaukee Bucks. As soon as Porzingis it seemed as if the AIR was left out of the Garden and the Knicks got blown out. The Porzingis injury is DEVASTATING but it ended a week in which they did NOT win a game so things were NOT looking great for the Knicks before he went UP for that dunk that is going to CHANGE his career.

The Knicks took on the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks on the ROAD, and the Atlanta Hawks and the Bucks at HOME this week and they LOST all of those games. The only game that they were competitive in was the Hawks game on Super Bowl Sunday but they GAVE UP in the second half and LOST at HOME against the WORST team in the NBA.

The Knicks have NO CHANCE of making the Playoffs anymore so WHO really cares about the rest of the season, but they will be taking on the Toronto Raptors, the Indiana Pacers, AND the Philadelphia 76ers on the ROAD this week and I expect them to LOSE all of those games.

NOBODY cared the game last night after the Porzingis injury, but the game went on and things got WORST for the Knicks in the second half. Tim Hardaway Jr., who has had a leg INJURY that sidelined him earlier this season came up LIMPING again. Hardaway Jr. is the SECOND best player on the team and with Porzingis might being OUT for the season, the Knicks might as well shut Hardaway Jr. down for the season and get him HEALTHY for next season.

Porzingis is not going to be FULLY healthy till AT LEAST the 2019-2020 season so basically next season does not matter and the Knicks should TANK for the rest of this season and ALL of next season to get some HIGH draft picks. The Knicks need some pieces around Porzingis and Hardaway Jr. to get to the players and they should use the next TWO seasons to get those pieces in the draft and DEVELOP them over the next season and a half.

There is NO interest for the rest of the season surrounding the Knicks as the only REAL story line for them this season was the INTRIGUE of how good Porzingis can be. I have been pretty HONEST about my feelings toward Porzingis and “INJURY” issues in which he SKIPS games because he is NOT 100%, but I am not going to PILE on him today as he had a SERIOUS injury.

The Knicks are DOOMED for eternity so I have no idea why I continue to be a FAN of this team. The Knicks are like my THIRD favorite team behind the Jets and the Yankees so I do NOT really care that they are going to be bad. It just SUCKS knowing that they are going to be IRRELEVANT for the next TWENTY months.


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