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City of Brotherly Love is now the City of Champions!!!

This is the BEST night of my life

WHAT A GAME!! People around the US are still recovering from that game. The Philadelphia Eagles are no longer the laughing stock of the NFL after WINNING Super Bowl 52 over the New England Patriots. The Eagles were the UNDERDOGS in the game and until the very LAST play of the game it seemed as if the Pats were going to WIN and CONTINUE their DYNASTY, but Nick Foles had other ideas.

The game could not have started out better for the Eagles after they had the EARLY lead in the game. Despite not being able to STOP Tom Brady and the Pats’ offense, the Eagles led the game for the WHOLE game until the Fourth quarter.

The Eagles defense did NOT get ONE sack or ONE turnover for the ENTIRE game until the Fourth Quarter and we all know how that ends. Despite the Eagles LEADING the game, everyone knew that the Pats were going to come back and WIN the game and they took the LEAD with this touchdown by Rob Gronkowski in the Fourth quarter.

With their backs AGAINST the Wall, the Eagles offense did not panic and put together a GREAT drive LATE in the Fourth quarter and it ENDED with a Touchdown for the Eagles’ Zach Ertz which gave the lead BACK to the Eagles. (video of the touchdown above)

Even though the Eagles scored a Touchdown they did NOT get the TWO point conversion thus they were only leading by FIVE points with about TWO minutes left in the game. TWO minutes is more than ENOUGH time for Brady, so NOBODY thought that this game was OVER and then MAGIC happened as the Pats were trying to SCORE and take the lead.

That play pretty much gave the Super Bowl to the Eagles and we started to see some celebrations for the Eagles fans. The Eagles had to SETTLE for a Field Goal and they gave the ball BACK to Brady leading by EIGHT points and about ONE minute left in the game. Even though there was LITTLE time left, we all know that the Pats CANNOT be counted OUT until the clock hits TRIPLE zeroes.

The Pats were able to get to MIDFIELD on the LAST drive of the game, which would allow them for a HAIL MARY. The Pats would need a Touchdown AND a TWO point conversion to TIE the game, but ANYTHING is POSSIBLE with these Pats. Brady threw a GREAT pass in the End Zone on the LAST play of the game and FINALLY people in Philadelphia started to CELEBRATE.

This is the FIRST Super Bowl in the Eagles’ Franchise history after they had LOST in their previous TWO Super Bowl appearances. The City of Philadelphia is going to be CRAZY tonight as the city’s long NIGHTMARE is finally over. The Eagles were led by Foles who won the Super Bowl MVP award after having a GREAT game. He was the back up quarterback for the team and had to come in RELIEF after their STAR quarterback Carson Wentz got INJURED. Foles was GREAT in the Playoffs and deserves all the ACCOLADES he is going to get TONIGHT. This team came over a lot of ADVERSITY and did the UNTHINKABLE, win the Super Bowl.

The Pats now fall to 5-4 in Super Bowls and they played TERRIBLE in this game. Their defense could not get a STOP all game and allowed the Eagles’ offense to score AT WILL. The Pats will probably be BACK at the Super Bowl next season but they NEED to IMPROVE their defense this offseason. It does not help them that BOTH their offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, AND defensive coordinators, Matt Patricia are NOT coming back to the team NEXT season. The Pats have a LOT of holes to FILL this offseason, so MAYBE their DYNASTY is over? I am NOT stupid enough to think that it is, and they are probably going to WIN next year just to SHUT ME UP.

I will have a FULL recap on the NFL season dropping in the next couple of days, so be on the look out for that. For now, enjoy the fact that the Pats are NOT the Champs and go on social media to see the CHAOS in Philadelphia tonight.


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