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NFL Picks- Super Bowl

It all comes down to THIS

Well this is IT, this the LAST game of the Football season and I am really SAD about it. When the season STARTED back in September, I was so EXCITED for the season and now I am going to be DEPRESSED for the next SEVEN months until Labor Day weekend. This was my FIRST time picking games and I had so much FUN doing it. I am going to MISS picking games for the next FEW weeks until March Madness rolls around.

LAST time I picked NFL games, I was TERRIBLE. I went 0-2 in the Championship games which means I SUCK at the end of the season. I will finish ABOVE .500 for the season but the record has FAILING in the Playoffs, which is not a GOOD thing. The Super Bowl is always a FUN game so I am EXCITED for this pick and for the game on Sunday which is the BIGGEST gambling day in the US. As always, my picks from LAST week are below, FOLLOWED by the my pick for the Super Bowl.

Championship Weekend Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Pats outright, Actual- Pats WON but did not cover

Game 2- My Pick- Vikings outright, Actual- Eagles outright

Record for Championship weekend- 0-2, Overall record for the season- 60-56

The only game this week is the Super Bowl between the Pats and the Eagles

Super Bowl- Sunday Night, the Philadelphia Eagles vs the New England Patriots (Minneapolis, MN) (Line- Pats -4.5)

This is what they all play for, the chance to get to LIFT the Vince Lombardi trophy in Minnesota. The Pats are going for the SIXTH Super Bowl in their franchise history, while the Eagles are looking for their FIRST. This game is going to be really fun to watch as MOST games are involving the Pats. These TWO teams played each other in Super Bowl 39, with the Pats WINNING last time, so people in Philadelphia are hoping that the history does NOT repeat itself.

The expectation in New England for the past TWO decades has been “Super Bowl or BUST”, anything less than WINNING the Super Bowl is looked at as a FAILURE by Pats fans. They have NOT looked GREAT this season but have done ENOUGH in games to WIN and come to Minnesota for the Super Bowl.

I expected them to BLOW OUT the Jacksonville Jaguars last week, but they really STRUGGLED early in the AFC Championship game. As ALWAYS, head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady made the CORRECT adjustments at Halftime to COME BACK and WIN. The Pats can EASILY win this game by FIFTEEN points if the offense is clicking, but the BIGGEST margin in their previous FIVE Super Bowls is SIX points, which happened in last year’s OVERTIME win over the Atlanta Falcons. The real question surrounding the Pats is IF Brady or Belichick will RETIRE if they WIN their SIXTH Super Bowl.

The Eagles have been UNDERDOGS throughout the Playoffs despite having the BEST record in the NFC, so they have a BIG chip on their shoulder going into the Super Bowl. I am going to be HONEST, I did NOT expect them to make the Super Bowl after they LOST their STAR quarterback Carson Wentz to INJURY during the season. Nick Foles who came in to REPLACE Wentz has played WELL in the last few weeks to get the Eagles to the Super Bowl. People expect this game to be CLOSE, but will the Eagles defense be able to STOP Brady and give their offense a CHANCE to WIN the Super Bowl LATE in the game.

ALL week long I have heard that this game is going to be CLOSE but I do NOT believe that to be the case. I think the Eagles will find a way to score some points but their GREAT pass rush will not be able to get to Brady and that is the only way the Eagles can WIN. The Pats will DOMINATE the game EARLY and they will COVER the spread and WIN their SIXTH Super Bowl.

(The only reason I am picking the Pats is because I HOPE the #AviMehtaCurse will come in CLUTCH again, god I am a SICK person.)

You heard it here FIRST, my pick for the Super Bowl is the Pats with the points. This CONCLUDES my picks for this Football season, I had a great time picking games throughout the Fall. I am already looking forward to picking the games next year, so come back in the Fall for my picks NEXT season.


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