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The Jets are DUMB if they do not sign Kirk Cousins

The team has DISAPPOINTED its fans for FIFTY years has a chance to PLEASE them

You do NOT have to be a brain scientist to know that the Jets NEED a quarterback if they ever want to make the Super Bowl. They have had NO luck in drafting a quarterback over the past FORTY years and the Free Agents that they have signed have been PAST their prime. This off season the Jets have a RARE opportunity to sign a quarterback that is still in the PRIME of his career and can lead this team to Playoffs.

The Kansas City Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes last season as their quarterback of the FUTURE which placed their current quarterback Alex Smith in LIMBO. Smith had a GREAT 2017 season which ended in a DISAPPOINTING loss to the Tennessee Titans at HOME in the Playoffs. A couple of days ago the Chiefs decided that they are going to TRANSITION to the Future and traded Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins for some draft picks and a defensive player.

The Redskins and quarterback Kirk Cousins have had a ROCKY relationship over the past FEW seasons because the two parties have NOT been able to agree on an EXTENSION for Cousins, who has been playing on one year contracts via the Franchise Tag. The Redskins would have needed to pay Cousins the THIRD of their salary cap if they Franchise Tagged him again. Instead of CRIPPLING the roster with the contract of Cousins, the Redskins traded for Smith and gave him a BIG extension and basically ENDING their relationship with Cousins, who will now become a Free Agent when the NEW NFL year starts in March.

Kirk Cousins was REALLY GOOD for the Redskins over the past FEW seasons and DESERVED the contract extension that he NEVER got from them. Despite NOT having a GREAT roster, Cousins was able to do ENOUGH to keep the Redskins mathematically alive for the Playoffs going into December every season, EVEN THOUGH they only made the Playoffs ONCE with Cousins as their starter.

The Jets currently have Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg as the TWO quarterbacks on their roster and BOTH have shown that they are NOT the Jets quarterback of the FUTURE. The Jets also have the SIXTH pick in this year’s draft which allows them to draft a quarterback if they do NOT choose to sign Kirk Cousins or ANY other Free Agent.

The quarterback available to be drafted are NOT as good as Cousins right now and this team NEEDS to win NOW or else the jobs of the Coaching Staff and Front office will be in JEOPARDY. The Jets have TRIED and FAILED many times by drafting a quarterback and then developing him. This time around they need to make a BIG splash and sign Cousins which is going to cost them a LOT of money.

One of the reasons Cousins is a Free Agent is that he wanted a BIG contract from the Redskins which they did NOT want to give him and chose to give it to Smith instead. The Jets have a BOAT LOAD of Salary Cap space so even if the signing of Cousins does NOT work out for them, they still have ENOUGH money to sign other players. Signing Cousins is very RISKY and there are other teams that are more Playoff ready that will be BIDDING for him, but the Jets NEED to sign him to REJUVENATE their fan base which has LOST all hope.

The Jets have a LOT of good players on BOTH sides of the ball that will EXCEL if they have a GREAT quarterback leading them. As the Pats get ready to WIN their SIXTH Super Bowl on Sunday, the Jets need to BUILD a roster that will LEAD the AFC East once the Pats dynasty ENDS in the next FEW seasons. In order to WIN a Super Bowl you need a GOOD quarterback and signing Cousins will get them CLOSER to their GOAL of WINNING a Super Bowl in the near Future.



1 Comment on The Jets are DUMB if they do not sign Kirk Cousins

  1. Good article on this Avi, I wrote an article similar yesterday. I won’t spoil what I said about the Jets and Kirk…


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