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I hope I age as well as Roger Federer

The Greatest of All Time does not look he wants to STOP anytime soon

Roger Federer becomes the FIRST and ONLY male ever to win TWENTY Grand Slams with a FIVE set WIN over Marin Cilic a couple of minutes ago in the Australian Open Final. Federer continues to AMAZE everyone and remains dominant. Despite having HICCUPS in the Final, Federer never bent and he continues to be GREAT. At 36 years YOUNG, Federer is on top of the Tennis World, we can all HOPE that this run continues for the rest of the year.

Federer had not dropped a set all tournament going into the Final and he was DOMINANT in the First set, winning it in just TWENTY FOUR minutes. It looked like it was going to be a BREEZE for the Greatest Tennis Player of All Time but Cilic kept FIGHTING and WON the Second set via a Tiebreaker.

Despite the match being EVEN, the momentum was still on Federer’s side as he EASILY won the THIRD set and got a BREAK early in the FOURTH set.

This is where the match seemed to TURNAROUND, as Cilic won FIVE games in a row with his back on the wall to WIN the FOURTH set and FORCE a FIFTH set to decide who WINS the 2018 Australian Open.

Federer was obviously LOST and did not have any momentum after his serve was BROKEN the previous TWO games going into the FIFTH set. He was able to improve his serves to hold on in the FIFTH set to DOMINATE and WIN his SIXTH Australian Open which ties him for most WINS ever.

This was the THIRD Grand Slam Final for Cilic after splitting the last two. Cilic LOST to Federer in the Final at LAST year’s Wimbledon, so most fans expected the same result in Melbourne this time around, but Cilic tried his HARDEST to change that but could not pull of the UPSET.

This tournament was an overall POSITIVE for Cilic who will be ranked #3 in the official ATP rankings tomorrow. On the way to the Final, Cilic beat World No. 1 Rafael Nadal in FIVE sets which has to be one of the HIGHLIGHTS of his career thus far. Cilic has shown that he is going to win more than ONE major, but he will have to WAIT till June for another chance to WIN a Major.

Federer is in UNCHARTED territory now as he is the only TWENTY time Grand Slam winner on the Men’s side. What he has been able to pull off in the last TWELVE months has simply been remarkable. Most players start going DOWNHILL after turning THIRTY FIVE, while Federer has won THREE of the last FIVE majors and has not shown ANY signs of SLOWING down any time soon.

This is his SECOND consecutive Major Win in which he did not face the likes of Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Stan Wawrinka so he has been LUCKY to get to TWENTY, but it is not his fault that the other players have really STRUGGLED while Federer has EXCELLED.

It will be interesting to see how Federer treats the rest of the Tennis Calendar leading up to the French Open, which has been his WEAKEST Grand Slam. Will he skip the French Open just like last year to get ready for Wimbledon, which is his FAVORITE Grand Slam. Those questions will be answered in a FEW months, but for right now it is time to celebrate the GREATEST Tennis Player of All Time, I can GUARANTEE that there is NEVER going to be another Tennis player as good as Roger Federer.

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