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I am an Eagles fan for the next TWO weeks

The team that NEVER wins will go head to head against the team that ALWAYS wins

It was a FINE Sunday Afternoon and the ball was about to KICKED OFF in Foxborough, Massachusetts as the world was getting ready to find out what teams will play in Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota two weeks from now. The New England Patriots hosted the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship game which was a GREAT game, while the Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game which was a DUD. Almost SEVEN hours after the first KICKOFF today, we now know what TWO teams will be playing in the Super Bowl and a hint for you- THESE TWO TEAMS HAVE ALREADY PLAYED BEFORE.

The Pats were SEVEN and a HALF point FAVORITE against the Jags today, so nobody expected this game to be CLOSE, but boy was it CLOSE. After the Pats scored a Field Goal on their first drive, the Jags scored FOURTEEN unanswered points and had the LEAD at Halftime.

The Pats were trying their best to catch up, but the Jags kept chipping away and went into the Fourth Quarter with a TEN point lead. Even though the Jags were WINNING in the Fourth Quarter, we all knew to NEVER count out the Pats, who came back from a TWENTY ONE point DEFICIT to WIN the Super Bowl last season. Quarterback Tom Brady, who was in the news ALL week due to his Thumb INJURY, engineered TWO great drives in the Fourth Quarter that gave the Pats the lead and a ticket to Minneapolis in TWO weeks. Brady will play in his SEVENTH Super Bowl on TWO Sundays from now, which is the MOST for ANY player in NFL history.

The Jags MAGICAL season ended today in New England, but they should hold their heads HIGH. NOBODY thought that the Jags would make it all the way to AFC Championship game let alone have a LEAD in the Fourth Quarter. The Jags made some QUESTIONABLE decisions throughout the game, like KNEELING to close out the First Half despite having an OPPORTUNITY to EXTEND their lead going into Halftime. Many plays from today’s game will be QUESTIONED throughout the week in Jacksonville, but they had a GREAT season and have the roster that is going to appear in MULTIPLE AFC Championship games over the next FEW seasons.

In the AFC, it was business as USUAL as the Pats had WON their SECOND straight AFC Championship and their FOURTH in the last SEVEN seasons. The attention of NFL fans had now shifted to Philadelphia to see who the Pats will play in the Super Bowl. Will it be the Eagles in a REMATCH of Super Bowl 39? or Will it be the Vikings becoming the FIRST team to play the Super Bowl in their HOME stadium?

As the ball KICKED OFF inside Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, the people OUTSIDE the stadium were preparing for CHAOS caused by the residents of Philadelphia.

The City of Philadelphia thought it was ready for the CHAOS, but little did they know things were about to be great for the City of Brotherly Love.

After the Vikings took the ball right down the field and scored a Touchdown on their FIRST possession of the game, DOUBTS had started to creep in the minds of Eagles’ fans. With the offense struggling in the FIRST quarter, the Eagles defense stepped up and got the stadium rocking thanks to a PICK-SIX by cornerback Patrick Robinson.

That Touchdown WOKE UP the Eagles as they NEVER looked back and took CONTROL of the game. The Vikings did NOT score another point for the rest of the game. The Eagles offense came ALIVE in the Second half and they are now heading to the Super Bowl led by quarterback Nick Foles, who had his BEST game of the season after coming in to REPLACE the INJURED Carson Wentz. This is the THIRD NFC Championship in the Eagles’ franchise history, and they will be hoping that History does NOT repeat itself as they have NEVER won a Super Bowl.

It will the Eagles vs the Pats in Minnesota, TWO weeks from today to see who will be crowned as the CHAMPION of Super Bowl 52. The Pats have opened up as the FAVORITES in Vegas, but it is EARLY and the line will move. BOTH #1 seeds in the NFL Playoffs are advancing to the Playoffs, which means will get to see the TWO best teams from the Regular Season.

The Pats were able to ESCAPE with a WIN today but they need to FIX some holes going into the Super Bowl. Their offense really STRUGGLED today and they need to FIX that before the facing the GREAT defense of the Eagles. The Pats played the SECOND Half of today’s game without their BEST offensive weapon, tight end Rob Gronkowski who was under the NFL’s Concussion Protocol. The Pats need a HEALTHY Gronk to WIN the SIXTH Super Bowl in their franchise history.

The Eagles played a PERFECT game today against the Vikings and it is HARD to have back to back PERFECT games. They need to prefer at FULL ignition for the Pats who are a TOUGHER opponent than the Vikings. The Eagles need to play just like today in the Super Bowl if they want to WIN their FIRST Super Bowl in franchise history.

These two teams will go back to the DRAWING BOARD to put together the BEST game plan to WIN the Super Bowl when they had to Minnesota next weekend.

The next MEANINGFUL NFL game is in Two weeks, nobody cares about the Pro Bowl next weekend, so time is going to go by really SLOW over the next TWO weeks until the ball is KICKED OFF in Minneapolis.

I will be making the OFFICIAL Mehtaphors Super Bowl pick on Friday February 4th, so be on the look out for that as I have been TERRIBLE with my picks in the Playoffs.



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