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The Jets continue to be a DUMPSTER FIRE

I do not understand why I am a fan of this team

Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson was arrested early Friday morning in Sunrise, Florida, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the Daily News.

Nine charges have been filed against Anderson, according to police records: resisting an officer/obstruction without violence; harm to a public servant or family; fleeing/eluding while lights/siren active; reckless driving; failure to drive in a single lane; two counts of disobeying/avoiding a red light; speeding; and turning without a signal. The arrest occurred at 2:15 a.m. –via NY Daily News

You really cannot make stuff up with this team. Just yesterday, I had talked about the YOUNG offensive core that the Jets had built with guys like Robby Anderson, Bilal Powell, and Quincy Enunwa, but LESS THAN TWELVE hours later, one of those guys got ARRESTED.

Anderson has had issues with the police before and has a CHECKERED past, so I believed that after having a GREAT season last year he had turned the page and was going to stay off the news, but nope not with this STUPID team. He had NINE different charges against him, which means he is DEFINITELY going to be SUSPENDED to start the season next year. The LENGTH of the suspension will be decided after the LEGAL proceedings have taken place, but I would expect it to be around 6-8 games, which means the Jets are going to be TERRIBLE on offense for at least HALF of their season.

The Jets are going to bring in a NEW quarterback next season, but he will be missing his BEST offensive weapon to start out his tenure as the Jets quarterback, which means he will SUCK and get benched and the Jets will need ANOTHER quarterback in the future. This team is CURSED and is never going to WIN in my life time. Maybe I should just KILL MYSELF for the GOOD of the Jets and the Knicks, because they will probably start WINNING as soon as I am DEAD.

A lot of Jet fans on the tweeter are saying that the Jets should CUT Anderson and that is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard. Anderson has GREAT talent and after his suspension he is going to CONTRIBUTE to the Jets offense which will help them WIN games. Instead of CUTTING him, the Jets should get him the help that he needs so he stays OUT of trouble in the future and is able turnaround his life.

Between having THREE offensive coordinators in THREE years and the BEST player on offense being suspended the Jets are DOOMED for AT LEAST the 2018 season, if not for ETERNITY.

There has to be something WRONG with you, if you are willingly a FAN of the Jets. I should really get my brain EXAMINED.



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