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NFL Picks- Championship Games

Only THREE games to finish the season in the money

We are getting down the NITTY GRITTY of the NFL season with only FOUR teams still ALIVE to WIN Super Bowl 52. The teams that will play the Super Bowl in TWO weeks will be decided this week in the stadium that had a GREAT finish last week. The games start out LATE on Sunday, so we are going to sit around a WHILE for Football to start. As always my picks from LAST week are below followed by the picks for this week. I will NOT be picking the Pro Bowl next week, so the NEXT time I pick a game will be Super Bowl Sunday in TWO weeks.

Will Vikings become the FIRST team ever to play a Super Bowl at HOME? Will the Jaguars will make it to the Super Bowl for the FIRST time in franchise history? Will the Eagles RETURN to the Super Bowl after TWELVE years? or Will the Pats DYNASTY continue? We will have to watch the games from this week to find out.

Divisional Round Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Falcons outright, Actual- Eagles outright

Game 2- My Pick- Pats outright, Actual- Pats outright

Game 3- My Pick- Steelers outright, Actual- Jags outright

Game 4- My Pick- Vikings outright,  Actual- Vikings WON but did not cover

Record for Divisional Round- 1-3, Overall Record after the Divisional Round- 60-54

The games for this week are the Jags at the Pats AND the Vikings at the Eagles.

Game 1- Sunday LATE Afternoon, the Jacksonville Jaguars at the New England Patriots (Line- Pats -7.5)

The Pats got a BLOW OUT win over the Titans last week and things looked GREAT up in New England, until earlier today. There had been RUMORS floating around all week that Tom Brady had injured his throwing arm in practice, thus he SKIPPED his media appearances for the week and was LIMITED in practice. He had his press conference about an HOUR ago and he was wearing gloves on BOTH his hands. Is Brady seriously injured? or Is this ANOTHER mind game by Bill Belichick?

The Jags got the UPSET win over the Steelers last Sunday in a game no one expected them to WIN. This week they are in a similar boat where NO ONE expects them to WIN in New England. The Jags have had a GREAT season thus far will it continue to the Super Bowl? Or will it end on Sunday in a COLD New England?

I think that the Brady injury is FAKE and he is perfectly fine, this whole thing is a CONSPIRACY by the NFL to keep this game INTERESTING and ATTRACT viewers because the Pats are going to WIN by FIFTY points. NOBODY wins against the Pats in New England in January, UNLESS if you are Mark Sanchez and the Jets.

Game 2- Sunday Evening, the Minnesota Vikings at the Philadelphia Eagles (Line- Vikings -2.5)

Despite having the BEST regular season in the NFC, the Eagles are a UNDER DOG at HOME for the SECOND straight week. Last week they BARELY won over the Falcons in an UGLY game and they will WIN in a similar fashion this week, because their offense is TERRIBLE. Will Nick Foles be able to make ENOUGH plays to put some points on the board for the STELLAR Eagles Defense?

The Vikings needed a MIRACLE to beat the Saints at HOME last week. BOTH fans and the players are still riding HIGH from that game and this game can be a LET down for them. The Vikings are ONE win away from making history so that will be on their minds on Sunday. Winning by a MIRACLE and having a chance to play the Super Bowl at HOME, are the Vikings the team of DESTINY this season?

This game is going to be a DEFENSIVE slugfest and it will probably be UNWATCHABLE for football fans that do not have a DOG in the fight. Both teams have GREAT defenses and TERRIBLE offenses, so it will come down which defense CRACKS first and allows the other team to SCORE. I would not be shocked if the FINAL score in this game is something like 12-9. I think that Case Keenum will be able to make a COUPLE of BIG plays in the game and lead the Vikings to go back HOME and get ready to play in Super Bowl 52. This might be one of the WORST quarterbacks match ups in NFL Playoffs history.

My picks for this week are the Pats and the Vikings. Check back in TWO weeks to see my pick for the Super Bowl.



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