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State of the Knicks- Static

The Knicks keep going in CIRCLES and NOTHING is CHANGING

The Knicks enter Week THIRTEEN of their season and things are basically the same as last week. They LOST TWO of their THREE games this week, but could have EASILY won some of those games. The Knicks get back their second BEST offensive player, Tim Hardaway Jr., so maybe things change for them this week in a good way. The Knicks are TERRIBLE on the ROAD, but they have have a SIX game ROAD trip starting tonight, so things are going to get even WORSE for them.

The Knicks took on the Timberwolves in Minnesota on Friday Night and despite having the lead in the second half, they ended up LOSING. The Knicks are NOT as good as the Timberwolves so I expected them to LOSE, but them competing with such a GOOD team on the ROAD, gave me some positive vibes.

All those POSITIVE vibes went away when the Knicks took on the New Orleans Pelicans at HOME on Sunday Afternoon. The Knicks had a NINETEEN point lead in the THIRD quarter, but ended up LOSING the game in overtime. The Knicks have now lost THREE games in Overtime over the past TWO weeks and they had a lead in all of those games, which STINGS even more.

The only WIN of the week for the Knicks came against the Nets in Brooklyn on Monday Afternoon. The Knicks are a really BAD team on the ROAD, but they have WON two games in Brooklyn this year, so they are not technically ROAD wins. The Knicks need to WIN on the ROAD to make the Playoffs this season, maybe WINNING in Brooklyn on Monday will game them some POSITIVE vibes going into their road trip starting tonight.

This week the Knicks have FOUR road games as they go out on the West Coast, in fact their next HOME game is THIRTEEN days from now, so this stretch is very important for them. The Knicks take on the Grizzlies in Memphis tonight, in a game that they should feel CONFIDENT in. The Knicks beat the Grizzlies at HOME last month and the Grizzlies have a WORSE record then the Knicks, so the Knicks should WIN this week.

After playing the Grizzlies, the Knicks travel to Utah to play the Jazz on Friday Night, who are one of the WORST teams in the West, so the Knicks should be able to compete with them. The Knicks are still in contention for the Playoffs so they NEED to beat teams like the Grizzlies and the Jazz to get some crucial ROAD wins.

After Utah, the Knicks take on the Lakers in Los Angeles on Sunday Afternoon in another MUST WIN game for them. The Lakers are in a similar boat as the Grizzlies and the Jazz, so the Knicks should be able to beat the Lakers.

The Knicks take on the Golden State Warriors in Oakland on Tuesday Night and I expect them to LOSE by at least FIFTY points. The Warriors are once in a generation team, so the Knicks are going to get DESTROYED by them.

The Knicks need Hardaway Jr. to be GREAT on offense and help out Kristaps Porzingis, who has been complaining about FATIGUE over the past few weeks. Porzingis is only TWENTY TWO years old but has acted TIRED, so I do not understand how he gets so tired.

The COMPLAINTS about Porzingis has bothered me a lot and if this continues than I do not know if the Knicks should continue to build around him for the future. The Knicks need Porzingis to be HEALTHY if they want to be a playoff contender in the future. The coaching staff should work on rotating him OUT of the game now that Hardaway Jr. is back in order to reduce his minutes and REST Porzingis.

Enes Kanter has not been playing a lot in the FOURTH quarter, so maybe playing him for some minutes and RESTING Porzingis will benefit the Knicks in the long run.

The Knicks are TERRIBLE right now and they need to BOUNCE back this week or I might just declare them DEAD in a couple of weeks.



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  1. Good post, man. Knicks fan myself and I couldn’t agree more. Porzingis needs to step up and those soft comments he made last week didn’t help the case. Last night was just a mess for everyone.

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