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The College Football season ended last night

Today is a sad day in certain parts of the country

The National Championship game is supposed to put a BOW on the College Football Season and that is exactly whay happened last night in Atlanta when Alabama beat Georgia to WIN their FIFTH National Championship in NINE years. The game started out as a SLUGFEST between TWO SEC teams but ended as one of the BEST games in the YOUNG History of the College Football Playoff.

Georgia has the BEST running back tandem in the country, while Alabama has one of the BEST Run defenses in the country and that was the match up everyone was looking FORWARD to in the game yesterday and that was NONEXISTENT in the first half. Georgia decided to THROW the ball on like their first TEN plays and they did not come close to scoring a point. One of those EARLY passes even resulted in an interception which gave Alabama the ball in GREAT field position early in the game.

Alabama’s offense was TERRIBLE in the first half, after getting the ball in Georgia territory EARLY in the first quarter, they could NOT move the ball and had to settle for a field goal attempt, which they missed. It seemed as if Alabama had a chance to grab some MOMENTUM early in the game and FAILED to do so.

Georgia’s offense led by TRUE freshman quarterback Jake Fromm eventually found its GROOVE in the Second quarter and the Bulldogs went into halftime with a THIRTEEN point lead and it seemed as if, maybe the Bulldogs could cause the UPSET and their Head Coach Kirby Smart would WIN the National Championship over his FORMER boss Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban.

It was FULL blown PANIC mode for Saban and his Alabama squad and things needed to CHANGE at Halftime for them and they made a DRASTIC change coming out of the locker room for the Second Half.

Sophomore quarterback Jalen Hurts STARTED the game for the Tide and he was 23-2 as a STARTER in his YOUNG career for Alabama. Hurts was obviously not getting the job done for Alabama, so Saban decided to make the switch and put in TRUE freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who has BARELY played this season.

Tua had appeared in a COUPLE of games this season, but ALL those appearances were in games that Alabama was COMFORTABLY winning and he was brought in to protect Hurts. Now, Tua was given the TASK to rally his team and WIN the SIXTH National Championship for Saban in his career and his FIFTH as the Alabama Head Coach.

Tua needed some plays to find his GROOVE, but once he did he was UNSTOPPABLE. On his SECOND drive of the game, Tua had a HUGE run to get the First down on Third and long and that seemed to be the GAME CHANGER.

That HUGE run seemed to wake up the Monster that is the Alabama Crimson Tide and they were back in the game when they scored a TOUCHDOWN a few plays later.

The MOMENTUM in the game had SHIFTED and Georgia needed to RUN out the clock or else they would give up the BIG lead they had at halftime. Instead of relying on their GREAT running backs, the Bulldogs put their faith in their YOUNG quarterback and he PREVAILED once again with a BIG TIME throw.

It seemed as if Georgia had WEATHERED the storm and will be able to hang on to WIN as the FIRST drive after their LONG touchdown was an interception by Tua. Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, the very next PLAY was an interception by Fromm which gave the Tide another life.

This is where the Alabama defense took over and they did NOT allow Georgia to move the ball on them. Georgia did NOT get MANY first downs in fourth quarter and eventually the Tide offense was able to figure things out and TIED the game.

The Tide had come ALL THE WAY back and had a MASSIVE comeback in the National Championship game. Georgia could NOT do ANYTHING in the next drive, giving the Tide enough time to WIN the game in Regulation but it was not meant to be.

This game, like the Semifinal game for Georgia, was going to be decided in Overtime. This was the FIRST in the FIVE year History of the College Football Playoff era that the National Championship game went into OVERTIME. The TWO SEC teams had BATTLED each other for SIXTY minutes and now were going to need UNTIMED downs to settle the game.

Georgia got the ball first in overtime and they had to settle for a Field goal, which allowed Alabama to WIN the game with a Touchdown. The drive did not start out GREAT for Alabama as Tua was SACKED for a BIG loss on first down, but he made a GREAT throw on second down that started the Pandemonium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and for Tide fans around the World.

It was ALL OVER and the Tide had WON the National Championship AGAIN. Nick Saban was ELATED after the game and it was seemingly the first time that he really enjoyed what he has done in his GREAT career as the Head Coach at Alabama.

I found this AMAZING stat today and I must say that I was SHOCKED when I saw it.

I mean this is AMAZING, think about the HUNDREDS of players that have played for Nick Saban in the last SEVENTEEN years and they all have WON atleast ONE National title. This stat alone should SIGNIFY Saban as the GREATEST coach of ALL TIME.

This game was ELECTRIC in the second half and THANK GOD for that, because we did not need another SNOOZEFEST in an Alabama game this season. The Tide are the FAVORITES to WIN the National Championship next season and with a GREAT quarterback like Tua, I do NOT see how they do NOT go 14-0 on their way to their SIXTH National Championship in the last TEN years next season.

Nick Saban TIED Alabama’s LEGENDARY coach Bear Bryant with SIX National Championships as the MOST for a Head Coach. ALL the people that HATE Nick Saban and Alabama, of which there are many, better HOPE that they WIN the National Championship next season and Saban RETIRES after accomplishing EVERYTHING that he can ACCOMPLISH in College Football.

Well that officially ends the College Football season, my FIRST as a Blogger and it was a THRILL RIDE for me. I am a BIG College Football fan and I had a BLAST covering the Sport and am already looking forward to doing so starting Labor Day Weekend for the 2018 season.


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