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NFL Picks- Wild Card weekend

Time to make some MONEY in the Playoffs

Welcome to the Playoffs folks!! The NFL Regular Season ENDED last week and the DUD teams are now sitting on their couches as the contenders get ready to WIN Super Bowl 52. The ELITE teams in BOTH conferences are on a BYE this week and we are seeing the Wild Card teams in action this week. There are FOUR games over the next TWO days for Wild Card weekend and NONE of this games jump out to me, but I am going to PRETEND to be an NFL EXPERT and pick ALL of them. You can find the outlook of ALL the teams in action this week and next week right here, to get caught on EACH team’s season thus far. As always, I have the recap of my picks from last week followed my picks from Wild Card weekend.

Week 17 Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Jets outright, Actual- Pats outright

Game 2- My Pick- Saints outright, Actual- Bucs outright

Game 3- My Pick- Ravens outright, Actual- Bengals outright

Game 4- My Pick- Jags outright, Actual- Titans outright

Game 5- My Pick- Falcons outright, Actual- Falcons outright

Record for Week 17- 1-4, Overall Record after the Regular Season- 58-48

The games for this week at the Titans at the Chiefs, the Falcons at the Rams, the Bills at the Jags, AND the Panthers at the Saints

Game 1- Saturday Late Afternoon, the Tennessee Titans vs the Kansas City Chiefs (Line- Chiefs -8.5)

The Chiefs have been UP and DOWN this season but they are in the Playoffs, but no one knows how GOOD they are. The Titans sneaked IN to the playoffs on Week 17 and they are the WORST team in the playoffs. The Chiefs do not have the capability to BLOW OUT a team so I expect this game to be CLOSE, but Alex Smith and the Chiefs will find a way to PULL away LATE and COVER the Spread.

Game 2- Saturday Night, the Atlanta Falcons at the Los Angeles Rams (Line- Rams -5.5)

I am very PERPLEXED by this spread, I do not get it is this BIG. The Rams EASILY won the NFC West and look like a GOOD team, but people forget that the Falcons ALMOST and SHOULD have WON the Super Bowl last season. The Rams are the BETTER team but the spread in this game should be LESS than a field goal, the fact that it is HIGHER than THREE points, is TEMPTING me towards the Falcons. This has the POTENTIAL to be the BEST game of the weekend and very HIGH scoring as BOTH teams have really GOOD offenses. I am going to pick the Falcons as my against the spread pick, because I think the DIFFERENCE between the WINNER and the LOSER in this game is going to be THREE or LESS points.

Game 3- Sunday Afternoon, the Buffalo Bills at the Jacksonville Jaguars (Line- Jags -9.5)

The fan bases of these TWO teams are going to go after each other on Sunday Afternoon as the Bills Mafia does not want the Jags to be Jaggin Off during the game. The status of Bills’ running back LeSean McCoy is the main QUESTION in this game, if he is not going to be 100% in this game, then I think the Jags ROLL in this game. The LATEST report surrounding McCoy that I have seen is that he is “QUESTIONABLE” but should be ABLE to play. I am going to BEGRUDGINGLY take the Jags AND the points in this game, but it could come back and bite me in the ASS.

Game 4- Sunday Late Afternoon, the Carolina Panthers at the New Orleans Saints (Line- Saints -7.5)

This is SUPPOSED to be the BEST game of the weekend on paper. The TWO teams have already played TWICE this season and the Saints WON BOTH times. The Saints have a GREAT offense that is almost UNBEATABLE at HOME, while the Panthers have had some STRUGGLES to CLOSE out the Regular Season. The Panthers have NOT looked GOOD over the past TWO weeks, but neither have the Saints. I am going to the Saints in this game with the points simply because they are at HOME, but would not be surprised if the Panthers WON, because it is HARD beating the same team THREE times in one NFL season.

The picks for this week are the Chiefs, the Falcons, the Jags, AND the Saints. Check back next week to see my picks for Divisional Round of the playoffs.


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