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Could the Greatest Dynasty in Sports ending soon?

Is my LIFE about to turn around become HAPPY?

THE CRACKS FIRST revealed themselves in early September. The season had just started, and Guerrero was once again becoming an issue in the Patriots’ building, just weeks before the release of Brady’s first real book, “The TB12 Method.” It was more than a fitness and diet guide. For Brady, a self-described “loner” who always seemed most comfortable surrounded by family or on a football field, the book represented a move to extend his brand beyond the game — and beyond the Patriots. Until a few years ago, he seemed uninterested in ever doing so, content to be a father and husband and son and brother and transcendent quarterback, knowing there wasn’t time for much else. Full article on ESPN

Talk about a BOMBCYCLONE folks. As most of New England is getting hit by this so called “Bombcyclone”, the one thing that has been STABLE in the lives of most New Englanders might NOT be as STABLE as it seems.

The Pats are BELOVED by everyone in New England and hated by the rest of us and it looks like today is a big win for those of us that HATE the Pats. ESPN’s Seth Wickersham ran a LONG hit piece of how SHAKY things are inside the Pats’ front offices and the power dynamic between THREE of the most powerful men in all of football.

There have been RUMORS going around that there has been a RIFT between Head Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady for quite some time now, but we finally have some CONCRETE evidence for that RIFT. Alex Guerrero is the trainer for Brady and has worked with him to create the “TB12” method, which has helped Brady remain an ELITE quarterback in the NFL, despite being FORTY years old. The RUMORS stated that Guerrero is ONE of the MAIN reasons for the RIFT between Brady and Belichick and this article CONFIRMS those rumors.

Belichick prefers ALL of his players to follow the “Patriot Way”, in which he expects them to be selfless, put the Pats first, and “do their jobs”. If he thinks that ANY player on the Pats roster that is NOT following the “Patriot Way”, then that player is IMMEDIATELY released from the team. There has been some RUMBLINGS that Brady has NOT been following the “Patriot Way” when it comes to him working with Guerrero, and that might be the reason for this DYNASTY to END.

Guerrero has been working with Brady and healing him for QUITE some time now, seeing how SUCCESSFUL Brady has been, other players on the Pats wanted to go to Guerrero for their training. Belichick PREFERRED that ALL of his players, EXCEPT Brady, go the Pats doctors FIRST and then go to Guerrero if NECESSARY for treatment. Belichick, according to this article was UPSET about his players going to Guerrero, and he even BANNED Guerrero from being around the team.

Guerrero’s BAN did NOT sit well with Brady and that started the RIFT between him and Belichick, but that was not the end of the rift. Belichick has PREACHED that NO player is bigger than the “Patriot Way”, and as Brady was nearing the age of FORTY, he drafted the replacement for Brady in Jimmy Garoppolo, who Belichick was going to NURTURE and RETIRE,  leaving the keys’ of the Pats in the hands of Garoppolo, when Garroppolo was ready, that did not sit well with Brady either.

Brady has made it pretty clear in the past FEW seasons, that he wants to play till he is in “mid-40s”, so seeing that his coach was ALREADY nurturing the heir apparent to his THRONE, he was causing DISRUPTIONS in the Pats facility, this is where Robert Kraft, the owner of the Pats, and the THIRD piece of this Power Dynamic puzzle comes in.

Kraft has done a GREAT job in the past to SQUASH the EGOs of everyone working for the Pats, whether it be with defending Belichick during the Spygate scandal OR defending Brady during the Deflategate scandal. The ONLY thing Kraft cares about is SUCCESS for the Pats, and he has gotten PLENTY of it thanks to Brady and Belichick. The team has won FIVE Super Bowls under this regime, and will probably WIN their SIXTH this season, but could it be the last?

Kraft trying to SQUASH the RIFT between Brady and Belichick, asked Belichick to TRADE Jimmy Garoppolo, something that most people in the organization were against. Belichick traded Garoppolo to the 49ers during the 2017 season, but did not get back MUCH for him. I was PUZZLED by that trade, but as it is pointed out in this article, Belichick wants Garoppolo to SUCCEED, and so he traded him to a team with a coaching staff that will HELP Garoppolo SUCCEED. This article also states that Belichick takes PRIDE in the GREAT start to the YOUNG career of Garoppolo, in which he is yet to LOSE a game.

Belichick does not get along with Kraft or Brady, thus many people INSIDE the Pats’ organization are WONDERING if he will walk away after this season.

In case you did not know, I am a Jets fans who HATES the Pats and everything that they stand for INCLUDING the “Patriot Way”. Today is a very HAPPY day as I am starting to see the DEMISE of one of the biggest EVILS in my life.

A lot of the HATE that I feel towards the Pats is simply because of JEALOUSY and nothing else. I have been SUFFERING with the Jets being TERRIBLE for the past FIVE decades, will the Pats have won FIVE Super Bowls in the last FIFTEEN years.

There is no such thing as a “HAPPY ENDING” in life, so most people knew that this Pats DYNASTY was going to END at some point, but I did NOT think that it was going to be THIS season and things were this bad inside the Pats’ organization.

The article was JUST posted on, so we have NOT heard the reactions from anybody on the Pats about this article, but it will be INTERESTING to see if Brady and Belichick answer questions regarding this article or DECLINE to comment.

This article might NOT mean anything and the Pats might CONTINUE to WIN Super Bowls every year, but as someone that has been TORMENTED by their SUCCESS, I am going to HOPE that this is the BEGINNING of the END for the Pats.


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