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NFL Week 17 Picks

The time to make some MONEY is running OUT

This is the LAST week of the NFL Regular Season, which gives us only FIVE more games to make some MONEY before the playoffs. This week is IMPORTANT for teams trying to get into the playoffs, you can find the full playoff picture right here. There are NO Prime Time games this week, so instead of the usual format, I will be picking the Jets game and FOUR games that have implications on the playoffs. I plan on picking ALL playoff games, but this is the last time I will be picking FIVE or more games until next SEPTEMBER.

Week 16 Recap

Game 1- My Pick- Colts outright, Actual- Ravens won but did not cover

Game 2- My Pick- Vikings outright, Actual- Vikings outright

Game 3- My Pick- Bills outright, Actual- Pats outright

Game 4- My Pick- Chargers outright, Actual- Chargers outright

Game 5- My Pick- Cowboys outright, Actual- Seahawks outright

Game 6- My Pick- Texans outright, Actual- Steelers outright

Game 7- My Pick- Eagles outright, Actual- Eagles won but did not cover

Record for Week 16- 3-4, Overall Record after SIXTEEN Weeks- 57-44

The games for this week are the Jets at the Pats, the Saints at the Bucs, the Bengals at the Ravens, the Jags at the Titans, AND the Panthers at the Falcons.

Game 1- Sunday Afternoon, the New York Jets at the New England Patriots (Line- Pats -15.5)

The Pats need to WIN this game to SECURE home field advantage for the rest of the AFC playoffs. The Jets should LOSE this game to TANK and get a HIGHER draft pick. I think the Pats will WIN this game, but the spread is way too HIGH for me to digest. Week IN and Week OUT, the bookmakers in Vegas list the Jets as DOUBLE DIGIT underdogs and they always seem to find a way to COVER, so I am going to pick the Jets to END the season on a high note by LOSING by less than TWO touchdowns to the RIVAL Pats.

Game 2- Sunday Late Afternoon, the New Orleans Saints at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Line- Saints -6.5)

The Saints need to WIN this game to CLINCH the NFC South, even though they have already CLINCHED a playoff berth. The Saints have been playing WELL for the past few weeks and I think they will RUN AWAY with this game and WIN easily. The Bucs should LOSE this game because it is better for them in draft position, so the TRASH Bucs will LOSE this game and WILL NOT cover.

Game 3- Sunday Late Afternoon, the Cincinnati Bengals at the Baltimore Ravens (Line- Ravens -9.5)

The Ravens can CLINCH a playoff berth with a WIN over the Bengals and I think they will be able to get it DONE. This game is most likely going to be the LAST game of Marvin Lewis coaching the Bengals, so it will be an EMOTIONAL day for them. The Ravens do not really need to WIN this game to get into the playoffs, but they should WIN and control their OWN destiny.

Game 4- Sunday Late Afternoon, the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Tennessee Titans (Line- Titans -3.5)

The Titans NEED to WIN this game to get into the playoffs, they WILL NOT get in if they LOSE. The Jags CLINCHED the AFC South last week and this game does NOT affect them one way or the other. The Titans have been CHOKING in the past few weeks and they need to RIGHT the SHIP this week or else this season will be a FAILURE. This game is going to be really CLOSE and the team that WINS this game is going to WIN by a field goal or LESS, so I am going to take the Jags in this game.

Game 5- Sunday Late Afternoon, the Carolina Panthers at the Atlanta Falcons (Line- Falcons -4.5)

The Falcons NEED to WIN, while the Panthers can AFFORD to LOSE this game. The Falcons are in a “WIN AND IN” situation right now, and even though they can get IN despite LOSING this game, the ODDS are NOT in their favor. This game does NOT really MATTER for the Panthers, so I think they will REST some of their starters, which will ALLOW the Falcons to WIN this game easily and COVER the spread.

My picks for this week are the Jets, the Saints, the Ravens, the Jags, AND the Panthers. That CONCLUDES my picks for the NFL Regular Season, I will be picking EVERY SINGLE playoff game, so come back NEXT WEEK to see my picks for Wild Card Weekend.


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