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NFL Week 16 Picks- Christmas!!!

Hopefully Santa brings us some WINNERS for Christmas

This is a very SAD time for football fans like myself, whose teams are NOT going to make the playoffs as there are only TWO weeks left in the NFL season. My degenerate self will FOR SURE be watching the playoffs, but it is not as fun as the NFL regular season. Enough about me crying about the GODDAMN Jets and lets shift the FOCUS to more meaningful teams that will actually be making the playoffs. Last week, I was TERRIBLE with my picks, but thankfully it did not affect my record that much, this week I am picking SEVEN games to try and RIGHT the SHIP before the season ends.

ALL of the game that I am picking this week have AT LEAST ONE team that is ALIVE for the playoffs and NEEDS to WIN to get into the playoffs OR get a HIGHER seed in the playoffs. You can look at the AFC and the NFC playoff pictures to see how this week’s game affect the different teams. As always, I have my RECAP of last week’s picks down below followed by the SEVEN picks for this week.

Week 15 Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Colts outright, Actual- Broncos outright

Game 2- My Pick- Lions outright, Actual- Lions outright

Game 3- My Pick- Chargers, Actual- Chiefs

Game 4- My Pick- Jets outright, Actual- Saints won but did not cover

Game 5- My Pick- Packers outright, Actual- Panthers outright

Game 6- My Pick- Steelers outright, Actual- Pats outright

Game 7- My Pick- Raiders outright, Actual- Cowboys outright

Game 8- My Pick- Falcons outright, Actual- Falcons won but did not cover

Record for Week 15- 2-6, Overall Record after FIFTEEN weeks- 54-40

The games for this week are the Colts at the Ravens, the Vikings at the Packers, the Bills at the Pats, the Chargers at the Jets, the Seahawks at the Cowboys, the Steelers at the Texans, AND the Raiders at the Eagles.

Game 1, Saturday Afternoon, the Indianapolis Colts at the Baltimore Ravens (Line- Ravens -13.5)

The Ravens are currently on the OUTSIDE looking IN in the AFC playoffs, BUT I am POSITIVE that they will find a way to make the playoffs. They have the EASIEST schedule of the teams that are trying to get into the playoffs in the AFC and should COAST into the playoffs. This season has been DISAPPOINTING for the Colts and they are in a CONUNDRUM this week. They can try to WIN this week to possibly SAVE head coach Chuck Pagano’s job, OR they can LOSE to get a better draft pick. I think they will LOSE this game BUT they will keep it close and NOT ALLOW the Ravens to COVER the spread. The Ravens will get the WIN that they need and the Colts will get a MORAL victory by COVERING the spread.

Game 2, Saturday Night, the Minnesota Vikings at the Green Bay Packers (Line- Vikings -8.5)

The Packers SHUT DOWN quarterback Aaron Rodgers for the season as they were officially ELIMINATED from the playoffs last week and are now just playing this game as a FORMALITY. The Vikings have already CLINCHED the NFC North, but they still need to CLINCH a first round bye and can do so by WINNING this game. I expect the Vikings to come out FIRING in this game and DESTROY the Packers in this RIVALRY game and easily COVER the spread in the process.

Game 3- Sunday Afternoon, the Buffalo Bills at the New England Patriots (Line- Pats -11.5)

This one of the RARE seasons, where the Bills are still ALIVE for the playoffs this LATE in the season. IF the season ended TODAY, the Bills would be IN the playoffs, BUT it does not end TODAY, and they need to WIN this week to get IN. The Pats got a BIG win last week against the Steelers and now just need to secure home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs with a WIN on Sunday. I think the dreams of Bills’ Mafia will be SPOILED on Sunday when their BELOVED Bills LOSE to the Pats, BUT I think the game will be CLOSE and the Pats will NOT cover the DOUBLE DIGIT spread.

Game 4- Sunday Afternoon, the Los Angeles Chargers at the New York Jets (Line- Chargers -6.5)

The Chargers need to WIN this week to have an OUTSIDE chance of getting IN to the playoffs, while the lowly Jets are just TANKING for a HIGH draft pick. There is NO scenario in which the Chargers can be ELIMINATED from the playoffs with a WIN this week, so I think they WIN this week and COVER the spread EASILY in New Jersey on Sunday.

Game 5- Sunday Late Afternoon, the Seattle Seahawks at the Dallas Cowboys (Line- Cowboys -4.5)

This is the LEAST meaningful game of the week, EVEN THOUGH both teams are ALIVE for the playoffs, a lot of MURKY things would need to happen for them to get in. The LOSER of this game will be ELIMINATED from the playoffs and the WINNER could also be ELIMINATED based on how other games play out in the NFC. Ezekiel Elliot makes his return from suspension for the Cowboys and he will run all over the Seahawks and lead the Cowboys to a WIN at HOME and COVER the spread in the process.

Game 6- Monday Late Afternoon, the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Houston Texans (Line- Steelers -8.5)

The Steelers NEED to WIN this game IF they want home field advantage for the AFC playoffs, and I think they will be able to win this game on Christmas Day. However, for the last FIVE weeks I have picked the Steelers to COVER the spread and they have NOT done so, I am going to BREAK my trend and pick the Texans to LOSE the game but COVER the spread on this game on Christmas Day.

Game 7- Monday Night, the Oakland Raiders at the Philadelphia Eagles (Line- Eagles -9.5)

The Raiders are MATHEMATICALLY alive for the playoffs TODAY, but they could be ELIMINATED by the time they play on Christmas Night. The Eagles do not NEED to WIN this game, but it would help install some CONFIDENCE in their NEW starting quarterback Nick Foles if they are able to ROLL at HOME in this game. I am going to pick the Eagles to WIN this game and COVER the spread as they get ready for the playoffs.

My picks for this week are the Colts, the Vikings, the Bills, the Chargers, the Cowboys, the Texans, AND the Eagles. Check back next week to see my picks for the LAST week of the regular season.


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