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The Saints wanted to give a win as an early Christmas present, but the Jets did not want it

One of these days the Jets are going to win a game that they SHOULD have

The New Orleans have the BEST offense in the NFL and were SIXTEEN point FAVORITES at HOME against the Jets. tThey had one of their WORST games of the season, but they still managed to WIN the game, that is how BAD the Jets are. The Saints had THREE turnovers in Jets territory, but the Jets only scored THREE points from those takeaways and fall to 5-9 on the season with a 31-19 loss to the Saints today.

They have now been mathematically ELIMINATED from the Playoffs, they were ALMOST eliminated last week, but other games in the AFC in resulted the Jets being ALIVE for another week, but they are now DEAD. With the Playoffs no longer a possibility, nor the FIRST overall pick, the Jets should lose their remaining TWO games and hope that they get a TOP TEN draft pick. They play TWO possible Playoff teams, so it should not be hard for them to falter and finish the season at 5-11.

ALL the cards were stacked AGAINST the Jets in this game, with quarterback Bryce Petty making his first start of the season, replacing the injured Josh McCown. Petty did not play great in this game, BUT had some good plays, not enough for the Jets to consider him for the starting job NEXT SEASON. He got his first touchdown pass of the game, LATE in the fourth quarter, which was his only touchdown on an AVERAGE stat line for him.

The Jets offensive play-calling was very CONSERVATIVE, as it seemed that they did not TRUST Petty, so they did not throw many DEEP balls. The only DEEP ball that he threw was a BEAUTIFUL throw to Elijah McGuire down the sidelines. He could not capitalize on the MANY turnovers, BUT he will most likely start next week at HOME against the Chargers.

The Saints offense came out FIRING in the first quarter, scoring on their FIRST three drives, but the Jets defense took over in the middle game and SHUT DOWN the high powering Saints offense. The Saints scored TWO touchdowns on their last TWO drives of the game, to secure the WIN, but the defense was not the issue for the Jets today.

Leonard Williams had his FIRST interception in his YOUNG career today, but he had to leave the game with a HEAD injury, hopefully he is HEALTHY enough to play next week. Williams has played GREAT this season and looks like he is going be a part of the Jets defense for many years to come.

Williams was not the only player to have a GREAT game on Defense, Buster Skrine and Jamal Adams also forced TURNOVERS for the Jets. Skrine had one of his BEST games in his THREE seasons with the Jets, though he has not lived up to his contract, he is still a really GOOD player.

Jamal Adams has been the HIGHLIGHT of this season for the Jets. A FIRST round pick in the draft out of LSU, Adams has lived up to the expectations and along with Williams he is part of a YOUNG defensive CORE for the Jets.

The offense was TERRIBLE in this game, not capitalizing on the TURNOVERS for the Jets. Bilal Powell and McGuire had the touchdowns on offense and were the only two HIGHLIGHTS of the game on offense. The offense has been an ISSUE for this team and it has not IMPROVED at all. The Jets have to think about FIRING offensive John Morton, because he has not been doing a good job for them.

The Jets host the Chargers at HOME next week, in a game that has no meaning for the Jets, but the Chargers could have some meaning. The Chargers are just ONE game out of the Playoffs, so they NEED to win that game to stay ALIVE this season. After the Chargers, the Jets TRAVEL to New England to play the Pats in Week 17 on New Year’s eve, another game that they will probably LOSE.

This season has been TRAUMATIC for Jets fans, but it could get WORSE with them facing TWO possible Playoff teams in the next TWO weeks. Why did I CHOOSE to be a Jets fan?


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