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NFL Week 15 Picks

NFL Gods must hate me RIGHT NOW

There are now just THREE weeks left in the NFL regular season, which means there are A LOT of games that are IMPORTANT for the Playoff picture and there are also some games that have NO meaning and are just formalities, with both teams ELIMINATED from Playoff contention. You can find my playoff picture for both conferences right here, AFC and NFC., to see what this weeks MEAN for each team.

I had my WORST week EVER in my picks after going 1-5, the NFL gods were NOT in my favor last week, but hopefully they ARE in my favor this week, as I look to finish this season STRONG. We have reached that WEIRD part of the NFL schedule where there are a BUNCH of games on National Television. This week I will be picking EIGHT games instead of the usual SIX, because there are TWO more games on Saturday. A couple of the games that I am picking this week have NO meaning to the Playoff picture, so there is not going to be a LONG explanation for those picks. As always my RECAP from last week’s pick is down below, followed by my picks for THIS WEEK.

Week 14 Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Saints outright, Actual- Falcons outright

Game 2- My Pick- Vikings outright, Actual- Panthers outright

Game 3- My Pick- Eagles outright, Actual- Eagles outright

Game 4- My Pick- Jets win, Actual- Broncos won

Game 5- My Pick- Steelers outright, Actual- Steelers won but did not cover

Game 6- My Pick- Pats outright, Actual- Dolphins outright

Record for Week 14- 1-5, Overall record after FOURTEEN weeks- 52-34

The games for this week are the Broncos at the Colts, the Bears at the Lions, the Chargers at the Chiefs, the Jets at the Saints, the Packers at the Panthers, the Pats at the Steelers, the Cowboys at the Raiders, and the Falcons at the Bucs

Game 1- Thursday Night, the Denver Broncos at the Indianapolis Colts (Line- Broncos -2.5)

NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY cares about this game. BOTH teams have been ELIMINATED from Playoff contention are just TANKING for a better draft pick. I am going to take the Colts in this game because they are at HOME, but I could not care LESS about this game.

Game 2- Saturday Late Afternoon, the Chicago Bears at the Detroit Lions (Line- Lions -5.5)

The Bears have already been ELIMINATED, while the Lions have an outside chance to MAKE the Playoffs. In order to get to the Playoffs, they would have to RUN THE TABLE. Even though I DO NOT think the Lions are going to make the Playoffs, I will pick them in this game to beat the LOWLY Bears and stay alive for the Playoffs.

Game 3- Saturday Night, the Los Angeles Chargers at the Kansas City Chiefs (Line- Pick Em)

This is BY FAR the game of the WEEK, these TWO times are TIED for the division and the path to the Playoffs becomes way EASIER for the team that WINS this game. The Chargers had a TERRIBLE start to the season, but have recovered and are one of the HOTTEST teams in the NFL right now, while the Chiefs have done the exact OPPOSITE and have been one of the COLDEST teams in the NFL over the past FEW weeks. The FACT that this game is a Pick Em while the game is in Kansas City, shows that the bookmakers think the Chargers are the better team, and I AGREE. I think this game is going to be low scoring as BOTH teams have GOOD defenses, BUT in the END, Philip Rivers and the Chargers will do ENOUGH to WIN this game and take an ONE game lead for the division.

Game 4- Sunday Afternoon, the New York Jets at the New Orleans Saints (Line- Saints -16.5)

This line is PREPOSTEROUS!!! I DO NOT think the Jets will WIN this game, but they NEVER get blown out even if the game is on the ROAD, like this week against the Saints. The Jets are NOT a GOOD team, but they will find a way to keep this game CLOSE and LOSE by LESS THAN TWO touchdowns.

Game 5- Sunday Afternoon, the Green Bay Packers at the Carolina Panthers (Line- Panthers -2.5)

The Packers had been COUNTED out by most people after the INJURY to Aaron Rodgers, but they stayed AFLOAT in the absence of Rodgers and now have a REALISTIC chance to make the Playoffs and needs to start this week by BEATING the Panthers on the ROAD. The Panthers have basically CLINCHED a spot in the Playoffs, barring some major CHAOS, but they are still in CONTENTION for the division, AND can END the Packers season, by BEATING them this week. EVEN THOUGH, this game is going to be really fun to watch, I expect the Packers to find a way to win and keep their season ALIVE.

Game 6- Sunday Late Afternoon, the New England Patriots at the Pittsburgh Steelers (Line- Pats -2.5)

This game is a PRECURSOR to the AFC Championship game in LATE January, as I think that the Pats and the Steelers are the TWO best teams in the AFC. The WINNER of Sunday’s game will be the HOME team when the TWO teams face off AGAIN in January. The Steelers HAVE NOT matched up well with the Pats in the past, so this game is a MUST WIN for them, while even if they lose this game, I would still NOT count out the Pats. I have INCORRECTLY picked the Steelers over the last THREE weeks and I am going to pick them AGAIN this week to cause the upset at HOME.

Game 7- Sunday Night, the Dallas Cowboys at the Oakland Raiders (Line- Cowboys -2.5)

Both teams BELIEVE that they can STILL make the Playoffs, but NEITHER team is going to. This is NOT one of the marquee games of the week and EVEN THOUGH both teams are still ALIVE for the Playoffs, NOBODY really cares about this game other than the LARGE fan bases of BOTH teams. Just because they are at HOME, I will take the Raiders to win this game as their time in Oakland is winding down.

Game 8- Monday Night, the Atlanta Falcons at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Line- Falcons -5.5)

The Bucs are TRASH, while the Falcons are halfway DECENT. Enough said, I LOVE the Falcons in this game.

My picks for this week are the Colts, the Lions, the Chargers, the Jets, the Packers, the Pats, the Raiders, and the Falcons. Check back next week to see how I do.


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