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State of the Knicks- Keep the Panic Button Close

I am starting to lose sleep over this team

The Knicks season could have ENDED last Wednesday when their star Kristaps Porzingis was injured during the game against the Heat and it looked like he would be OUT for a while. Porzingis only had a MINOR ankle sprain and is currently listed Day to Day, BUT has not played a game since the injury. The Knicks WON despite the Porzingis injury on Wednesday but lost their last TWO games and they have now fallen ONE game under .500. With the TOUGH part of their schedule still ahead of them, the Knicks need to get their SHIT together before the season starts spiraling down.

Wednesday’s game was overshadowed by the Porzingis injury, but instead of the team being emotionally drained from the injury, they actually played well and made up for the absence of Porzingis. Enes Kanter had one of his BEST games in his young Knicks career and led the team to victory over the Heat, which is a team the Knicks HAVE to beat at home, if they want to WANT to go to the Playoffs.

During the game there was still UNCERTAINTY about the injury to Porzingis and fans had started to PANIC, but after the game all fans were RELIEVED with the result of the tests on his ankle. The team planned on PLAYING him on Sunday against the Magic, but he was OUT and so was Frank Ntilikina, so the Knicks were definitely SHORTHANDED. They still played well against the Magic, but could not get a BIG RUN and lost the game by FIVE points.

Monday’s game was WEIRD because they got BLOWN OUT by the Pacers which was definitely SURPRISING. The Pacers might just be slightly better than the Knicks but nobody saw them winning by EIGHTEEN points. Porzingis did not play in this game as well, so that played a role in the BLOW OUT.

The Knicks have some HOLES to fix this week and should have some opportunities to do so this week. I have been saying it ALL SEASON LONG that they need to find a #2 option behind Porzingis who can TAKE OVER games when Porzingis is either struggling or injured. They need that guy that has the ability to WIN some games for them SINGLE HANDEDLY.

They have a relatively EASY schedule this week and should be able to get some WINS to get back in STRIDE. They play the Grizzlies at HOME tonight and they should be the FAVORITES to win that game. Porzingis is listed as “PROBABLE” for this game, so I would think he would be able to play tonight after having a WEEK off.

After tonight, they travel to Chicago to take on the Bulls on Saturday Night. The Bulls are much WORSE than the Knicks, so this game is a MUST WIN for the Knicks at this point in the season. After the Bulls, they host the Hawks and the Lakers on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Both teams they should have NO PROBLEM beating if they want to do something with this season. This week’s schedule is really SOFT, so it would not SHOCK me if they all FOUR games this week.

The Knicks are still ways away from PANIC mode, but if they continue to STRUGGLE this week, then I am pressing the PANIC button and starting to have NIGHTMARES about this season.


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