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I am sold on this team again and am already booking my tickets to Minnesota!!!

From the Associated Press

The Jets went into the fourth quarter with a lead against a probable Playoff team for like the FIFTH time this season and did manage to give it up once again, but the game was not over. The Jets marched DOWN the field after the Kansas City Chiefs scored early in the fourth quarter, to retake the lead and they won their FIFTH game of the season, 38-31. The Jets now move to 5-7 on the season and in a year when a 8-8 team will likely make the Playoffs, the Jets are STILL very much ALIVE in the AFC hunt for the Playoffs. The Chiefs now fall to 6-6 after starting the season 5-0(!!!), and will probably in a THREE way TIE for their division after the end of play Today.

The Chiefs have really struggled since their BIG start to the season, they had beaten the two BEST teams in football in the Pats and the Eagles, and experts had penciled them into the AFC Championship game, they have now lost SIX of their last SEVEN games and have given up their lead in the AFC West. The Chiefs came into Metlife Stadium looking to get an EASY win over the Jets, who before today did not have much to play for.

It looked like things were going to be really EASY for the Chiefs after they jumped to a 14-0 lead EARLY in the first quarter and the Jets defense looked lost on those first two drives. The Jet offense came back and scored TWO quick touchdowns to tie the game at 14 at the end of the first quarter, so it looked like all the momentum for the Chiefs was GONE.

The Jets dominated the second quarter in terms of time of possession and start to tire out the Chiefs defense. The Jets offense was on the field almost THREE times the time of possession for the Chiefs and that was showing late in the game. The Chiefs did score THIRTY ONE points, but most of them came on big plays by Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce that burned the Jets young secondary. If not for those BIG plays, the Jets might have won this game by THIRTY points.

The Jets went into Halftime with a 21-17 lead and it looked the struggles for the Chiefs were going to continue. The stars for the Jets were there receivers, Jermaine Kearse and Robby Anderson, who both had OVER a hundred receiving yards in the game. The passing game took its time to get going once again, but once it got GOING it did not stop until the game was over.

The Jets managed to keep the Chiefs at bay in the Third quarter and went into the FINAL quarter of the game leading by a field goal. The Jets have had fourth quarter leads against the Pats, the Dolphins, the Falcons, and the Panthers and won NEITHER one of those games. With the Jets leading against what we thought was a decent Chiefs team, I fully EXPECTED the trend of them blowing leads to CONTINUE, but the Chiefs helped out the Jets in the fourth quarter.

The Chiefs scored early in the Fourth quarter to take a 31-30 lead with just about NINE minutes left in the game. The Jets took their time marching DOWN the field and scored a touchdown with about FIFTEEN seconds left before the TWO minute warning. The Chiefs had many dumb penalties on that drive that EXTENDED the drive for the Jets and gave them a 37-31 lead with the extra point attempt pending.

The Jets decided to go for TWO to make this a SEVEN point game and there first try was not successful. During the play, the Chiefs were called for holding, so the play was going to be replayed anyway, but the Chiefs’ Marcus Peters had gotten frustrated with being on the field for over THIRTY FIVE minutes at the time and he threw the flag into the stands. It looked like Peters was EJECTED for unsportsmanlike conduct as he was heading back to the locker room, but he was not and was sprinting BACK on to the field a couple of minutes later. The Jets converted on their second attempt for the TWO point conversion and took a 38-31 lead in the game with about TWO minutes left in the game.

The Chiefs had another BIG play to Hill for FORTY yards on their final drive, BUT they could not score the game TYING touchdown and lost the game and are now in full blown PANIC mode on the flight back to Kansas City.

The Jets offense was OUTSTANDING today and one of the major reasons for their win today, the offense has been LIGHTS OUT as of late and needs to continue being that way IF the Jets want to go to the Playoffs. The defense did not start out GREAT today but despite bending multiple times they NEVER broke. Darron Lee was inactive in this game due to head coach, Todd Bowles’ decision and Muhammad Wilkerson sat out most of the first quarter, ALSO due to coach’s decision. It will be INTERESTING to see what reasoning Bowles give in his post game press conference regarding the TWO benchings. The defense needs to STOP giving up BIG plays, but other than that they were OUTSTANDING for the minimal time they were on the field today. There was nothing SPECIAL about the Special Teams today other than the fact that they had TWO penalties, which is not sign of a GOOD team.

The Jets have FOUR games remaining and if they win all FOUR, then they will most likely make the Playoffs. They play the Broncos in Denver next weekend, and that is the only game that is not against a PROBABLE playoff team the rest of the season for them. After the Broncos, they play the Chargers, the Saints, and the Pats, so going 4-0 in those games is almost IMPOSSIBLE, in fact I would bet that they go 1-3 on those games and miss out on the Playoffs.

The Jets came into this season looking to rebuild while tanking to get a good pick, that is no longer going to happen anymore. In fact what is happening to the team right now is BETTER for them in the long run then their initial plans. The Jets have a found a coach in Bowles, who the players WANT to play for, and they have some players that have the potential to be GREAT. They are just a QUARTERBACK away from the promised land of the Playoffs and that will be their #1 goal in the offseason, as it has been for the past FIFTY years.


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