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Yankees finally have a new manager

The rest of the League better watch out, because the Yankees are making smart decisions again

The Yankees have chosen Boone to replace Joe Girardi as manager, the News first reported.

Boone, 44, who catapulted the Bombers to the World Series in 2003 with his iconic walk-off homer in Game 7 of the ALCS against the Red Sox, is said to have been the most polished candidate of the group. –via¬†NY Daily News

Our long nightmare is over as the Yankees are finally starting to prepare for 2018 and the first step was hiring a new manager. The Yankees interviewed six candidates and put them through a long process that lasted over six hours each time and they came out Aaron Boone. I LOVE the hire for the Yanks because he is the PERFECT guy to manage a young squad like the Yankees.

Boone, before yesterday was known for his infamous home run to END the 2003 ALCS against the Red Sox. That home run was the reason most Yankee fans had a SOFT SPOT in their hearts for him and he was always going to be welcomed back. Boone was working as an analyst on ESPN’s baseball coverage over the past few years so he has been connected in the baseball world and knows the shift that is happening in the sport as we speak.

Aaron Boone has shown that he is willing to work with sabremetrics which goes PERFECTLY in line with the Yankees’ Mission Statement. He will be introduced with a press conference in the next few days, so it will be interesting to see what he has to say, in terms of what type of manager he is going to be and who he is going to bring along in his coaching staff.

The coaching staff around Boone is going to be very important because he DOES NOT have any managerial experience, so he should bring coaches that have been around baseball for a while and have some managerial experience to make up for the lack of experience on the part of Boone. The Yankees DID interview their bench coach Rob Thomson for the managerial opening, but he was not hired and he is now the bench coach of the Phillies. Thomson would have been the perfect coach for Boone, as Thomson has been with the Yankees for nearly THREE decades and knows how to manage a baseball game.

Besides the hiring of the coaching staff, the only REAL question left surrounding the Yankees this off season is what exactly are they going to do in free agency. They have made it clear that they want to get under the luxury tax threshold, so that they can spend BIG next year, so I would be SHOCKED if they make any big signings in free agency, but they are still the New York Yankees so they can do anything.

The one big signing that they can make by STILL getting under the tax threshold is signing Shohei Otani over from Japan. Otani, is unique in that he is a very good hitter AND a pitcher, so the team gets him, can play him every single day. Since, Otani is under the age of 25, he can only get a portion of the international signing pool, so the team that gets him will not have to break the bank to sign this transcending talent.

Yankees are considered the front runners to sign Otani currently AND if they are able to land him then that would be the ONLY big signing they make this season. Don’t you love it when your team does exactly what you want. If only the Jets and the Knicks listened to their fans more.

I will be doing another blog about the Yankees once free agency gets going so be on the look out for that. There are LESS THAN TWO months left till pitchers and catchers report, I have goosebumps already.



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